Monday, November 23, 2009

Kate Hudson giggles to Oprah about A-Rod

I wrote a mini-recap the other day on Facebook about Kate Hudson's appearance on Oprah last week, where O asked her about her relationship with Alex Rodriguez. Basically, Kate said pretty much nothing about A-Rod, but she did smile and giggle a lot!

I had to sit through, like 50 minutes about the new movie "Nine" before Oprah finally got to Kate, the person I wanted to see. After a few minutes of chit-chat about the movie, O finally broached the subject I tuned in to hear about.

"New Yorkers are thanking you," Oprah asked Kate, as she shows her that picture from the ticker tape parade, where a fan holds a sign thanking Kate Hudson for A-Rod. Kate's response? Lots of blushing, giggling, and sputtering!

Kate did a good job dodging Oprah's questions - she wouldn't even answer how she and A-Rod met, other than to say that they first met a few years ago. She gave no other details, although she did cop to being "happy" and "joyful" these days. Hudson seems like such a light-hearted, fun person. Big change from the ex-wife, she of the "wearing t-shirts with obscenities on them in front of children" fame.

Anyhow, here's a clip of Hudson from the show:

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Anonymous said...

hudson met arod on a 1nite stand last yr while he was with madonna. now thats a skank with a mission.

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