Monday, November 2, 2009

A Met fan is good luck charm at Yankee game broadcast

What a night! Squawker Jon and I joined Barbra, one of our readers and 10,000 or so of my Yankee fan brethren to watch Game 4 at Yankee Stadium. And, yet again, Jon somehow brought the Yanks good luck, even if they weren't in the building

I nearly lost my voice screaming while watching the ninth inning. The crowd was very loud all game, but we all - except for Squawker Jon, of course - went nuts watching Damon's dash and A-Rod and Posada's big hit. I was so excited when the Yanks went ahead for good that I thought I tore up my vocal cords there!

Anyhow, I'm writing a piece for The Faster Times about the game itself, so I'll have more observations there. But just wanted to talk a little about the watching experience:

* Pretty much all the field level sections from foul pole to foul pole were filled up. And the crowd looked to have a lot of regular working-class people, and tons of families, as opposed to the suits you usually see in those seats.

* That enthusiasm translated into a raucous atmosphere, yet it wasn't beer making people get excited. The crowd seemed louder than most games I've been to this year. Could have done without doing the wave, but other than that, the crowd was really passionate and fun.

* Food, unfortunately, was very limited options - no Lobels or sushi or BBQ this time. Jon was very unhappy over this.

* So, how did it feel to finally get to sit in front of the moat? Well, the seats are cushiony and comfy. But the drink holders in the armrests are a disaster. They did not hold the plastic soda cups well - both our reader and myself separately had the cups flop out and splash soda water everywhere. I'm guessing that they must use some fancy-schmancy glasses in this seats or something, when they have the waitress service going.

* Did I mention the crowd was loud? The subway car on the way back was about the loudest I've ever heard it - people chanting and getting excited. What struck me about the whole night was how this was the best of Yankee fans - lots of enthusiasm for everybody, and everything about the game. No jaded rich people harshing the moment.

What do you think? Tell us about it!


"Nutball Gazette" said...

I so wish I was there,
In 2004 I was one of those outside the St Pete Times Forum on game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, They projected the game on the huge parking garage building, Must have been 10'000 people out there.
What an amazing atmosphere.

Uncle Mike said...

I've never been inside for a World Series game, but I was in Times Square when Aaron Boone hit his homer, and I wouldn't trade that experience for having been in the old Stadium at the time. Unbelievable, a million car horns going off at once, people pouring into the street as if it was Chris Chambliss' homer in '76, so many happy people. And a few Red Sox fans.

Speaking of which, did you see Jane (She-Fan) Heller's blog? "Does this straightjacket make me look fat?" It's not Yankee Fans who need a straightjacket or a rubber room right now. I'll give you two guesses as to which teams' fans need them, and you'll probably get them both right.

One more. 27 more outs for a 27th title. 27 for 27. Then, Lisa, you can serve me a big steaming humble pie with a Number 13 carved into it and I will glady gulp it down and admit that A-Rod is the biggest reason. It will be a small price to pay for what will be, aside from 2000 (and maybe '96), the most satisfying title ever.

That is, if we can beat Cliff Lee tonight. Let's do it! And then let's show all the Met and Red Sox fans all that arrogance they're always saying we have! For what shall it profit a fan to gain the World Series, if he does not rub it in?

Bklynfan said...

That sounds amazing!

Also, I just seen an article that the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a Macy's Ad in the paper today that said, on a t-shirt "Congratulations Phillies -- Back to Back Champions". Ahhh, don't think so!

Anonymous said...

The macys ad story running in NYDaily News; Inquirer apologizes. Now I can breathe a bit easier. I'll never forget before Aaron Boone's HR, tv went to Boston to Fenway to show them painting the World Series insignia on the grass. A bit presumptuous and it came back and bit them....

As for the new stadium, it just doesn't rock like the old stadium. You could feel the old stadium literally shake. It vibrated. Just not the same in the new place. Sound escapes, too much open space.

Jeanne B

Anonymous said...

I was at the Stadium last night too with a bunch of my fellow Yankee Meetup Group members, my daughter and her b/f. It was so exciting and fun ...many happy people just loving their Yankees. The only criticism is that I too could do without the wave ..especially after the 5th time..ugh !!

The place was up for the third strikes, lots of hugging and high fives when the Yankees came up with that big ninth and of course cheers everywhere when Mo did his thing...there most likely will never be another Mo in the history of the game and I hope we get to enjoy a few more years of this amazing player. The way he is pitching ...we might see him still there at 50... :o).

As the Four Seasons sang ..."Oh What A Night" ...



Go Yankees 2009 !!

Anonymous said...

Jeanne ...

When I was at the ALDS game where Alex hit the tying homer in the 9th and Tex the walk off ...that place was ROCKING !!! After that game I went home and watched on TV and it sounded nothing close to how the Stadium was in person. I don't think the TV is a true barometer of the sound most likely because of the way the Stadium is constructed.

I'm just hoping that tomorrow we can call our Yankees....WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS !!!


Go Yankees 2009 !!!

Uncle Mike said...

Oh, Peggy, bad choice for a Four Seasons song! "December 1963 (Oh What a Night") references 1963, and it came out in 1976, and, both years, the Yankees lost the World Series!

Better to play what might be the last genuine "double-sided hit" in rock and roll history. It was by Queen. It was released October 7, 1977. Granted, the Yankees lost Game 3 of the ALCS that night, but came back to win the Pennant, and then the World Series. One side was "We Will Rock You." The other? Of course. "We Are the Champions."

Of course, Queen also topped the charts on October 21, 1980, when the Phillies won their first-ever World Series. The song? "Another One Bites the Dust."

Let's go. 27 for 27.

Anonymous said...

I was at the 5 hour and 10 minute ALCS game in the rain and Game 1 ALDS. Perhaps, due to weather and sheer exhaustion it just didn't resonate. But I stand by my personal experience that Sundays at Yankee stadium are quieter than the old stadium. Past post season games as well. Even all the way up in my cheap seats (literally last row), the wind blows an awful lot colder and harder but not the sound. Enthusiasm, hugs, high fives, all there but the sound escapes with the wind.


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