Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some of my favorite - and least favorite - moments of Game 3

Last night's win was a great game, of course, providing some pretty compelling World Series drama. I wrote a few thoughts for The Faster Times on the game. Here are some other ones:

* For some reason, seeing Andy Pettitte at bat cracks me up. But I was cheering - not laughing - when he got the game-tying hit against Cole Hamels. I also loved seeing Derek Jeter nearly pass him when they both scored on Johnny Damon's game-winning hit, and hearing Jeter joke about it afterwards. Great stuff.

* The Philly crowd - at least at the beginning - was much more lively and loud than the ones at Yankee Stadium so far. If this series goes to a Game 6, the Yanks need to do something to get more regular fans in.

* Joe Girardi did the right move in benching Nick Swisher for Game 2. He looked so much better in Game 3 - and provided two key hits - and a hilarious postgame interview.

* I also agreed with Joe going to Mo when he did, after Phil Hughes gave up a homer. Squawker Jon - and some people in the media - thought Girardi should have waited, given it was still a three-run lead. But I think it was absolutely the right move, because it didn't allow the Phillies to get off the mat. Five pitches, two outs, game over.

* Remember all of Jimmy Rollins talk about seeing something in Mariano's pitching? I think Rollins saw himself popping up to end the game! Oh, and so much for J-Roll's Phillies in five prediction!

* Joba looked very good out there. And Damaso Marte is an unsung hero of this postseason - he reminds me of Graeme Lloyd in the 1996 World Series.

* It's funny. When Alex Rodriguez had six strikeouts in his first two games - the same that Ryan Howard did - we saw all sorts of hysterical media accounts about how A-Rod was pressing/choking. I guess Alex made a miraculous recovery in one game, thanks to that instant replay homer! If the Yankees win the series, that homer will be the turning point.

*And will we now hear "what's wrong with Ryan Howard," now that he has nine strikeouts in three games? Hmmm.

* Two notes on the media's coverage of A-Rod:

- I was appalled last night over how many journalists covering the game last night tried to outdo each other on Twitter with all sorts of tasteless frat house jokes about A-Rod and that centaur picture tabloid report. How unobjective. How unprofessional.

- On the other hand, columnist - and noted Yankee hater - Jim Caple (he once wrote a book called "The Devil Wears Pinstripes") actually had the fairest take I've seen on A-Rod's World Series so far.
Please check it out.

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