Thursday, November 5, 2009

Congratulations, Yankee fans

As I posted on Squawker Lisa's Facebook page last night, I want to congratulate her and all of our Yankee fan readers on championship #27. The better team won, and, as I also wrote on Facebook, at least Shane Victorino made the final out.

My side hasn't won very much lately, but I did beat Lisa in one area - predictions. Lisa had Yankees in seven, while I had Yankees in six. She was willing to give the Phillies more credit than I was!

Many of my other predictions also panned out:
  • A-Rod will have a great Series, but will not win MVP.
  • Johnny Damon will do well enough that the Yankees will want to bring him back next year.
  • Nick Swisher will be benched for at least one game.
  • Jayson Werth will be much better known by the end of the Series.
  • Cliff Lee will have a better Series than CC Sabathia.
I got this one half right:
  • Pedro Martinez will pitch well, but I agree with Squawker Lisa that Brad Lidge will blow the game.
Pedro did pitch well in Game 2 without winning, but he was charged with all three Yankee runs. There was no lead for Lidge to blow - he did not even pitch.

These two I would like to have back:
  • If Joe Girardi goes to a three-man rotation, he will regret it. Start Sabathia on three days rest if you want, but have Chad Gaudin start Game 5.
  • Jimmy Rollins will do well because he loves sticking it to New York.

Squawker Lisa has the last laugh - she will be there bright and early for her first ticker-tape parade since the days of Sister Claire. If you are planning to go to the parade, let us know.

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The Emperor said...

Jon, I didn't realize we had fans in Russia!! LOL!!

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