Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Starting Andy Pettitte on three days' rest is risky

(from Squawker Jon) Is Joe Girardi making a mistake by going with a three-man rotation? I think he is. Game 5 is hindsight now, but going into Game 6, I think the Yankees would be better off having used Chad Gaudin in Game 5 and having A.J. Burnett available on full rest for Game 6.

I wrote about it for The Faster Times. You can read the article here.

I still expect the Yankees to win the World Series. While I am skeptical of Andy Pettitte pitching well on three days' rest in Game 6, I also expect the Yankees to get to Pedro Martinez the second time around. This game looks like it could be decided in the bullpens, and that will be a bad thing for the Phillies.

If the Yankees lose Game 6, they are still likely to win Game 7 with CC Sabathia likely face a pitcher who cannot wait for the season to end.

Do you agree with Joe Girardi using all three of his top starters on three days' rest? Tell us what you think.

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week 11 picks said...

I agrre its risky. They should have pitched burnett on full rest game 6 and CC game 7. I know this would have brought up a lot of scrutiny not pitching your winningest postseason pitcher up there, but 3 days rest on Pettite and Burnett May have been a stretch. Well see tonight.

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