Sunday, January 23, 2011

Can't Wait: Jets will be headed to the Super Bowl today

To all the nonbelievers! I made three predictions this October: that the Yankees would win the ALCS, that Cliff Lee would not sign with the Yankees, and that the Jets would win the Super Bowl. I was right on one of the predictions (although I never would have guessed that Lee would go back to Philadelphia), and wrong on the Yankees' playoff chances. But tonight, I think the Jets will be on their way to the Super Bowl, partially fulfilling my third prediction.

As Squawker Jon -- the real Jet fan in this blog -- noted, I have had so much faith in the Jets because I'm a Yankee fan who always expects to win, while he's still getting used to the idea. Speaking of which, I want us to reenact the Bart Scott interview. You can't stop a nosebleed, Squawker Jon!

It's interesting watching the Jets' innocent climb, as Pat Riley would call it. And you know you've really arrived as a team when the bandwagon fans (ahem!) have joined up! I told Jon today it's a little like politics -- you have X amount of Democrats, X number of Republicans, and X number of independents. And what swings races are whoever the independents decide to line up for. And right now, the Jets are the most popular thing in town.

I'm rooting for Gang Green, but I'm not going to claim to be a real Jets fan or anything. Jon is the lifelong Jets fan, not me. As is my high school classmate, Steve, who will be at the game today (and should be sending us first-person reports from the sidelines!) And Squawker reader Nutball Gazette. And Twitter friend GreenLanternJet. And fellow baseball bloggers Metstradamus and Coop. And Facebook friend Alan. I really want to see the Jets win it for these long-suffering Jets fans (and anybody else I forgot to mention!), who have been waiting their whole lives to see their team in the Super Bowl again. Can't wait!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Jon Lewin said...

Squawker Lisa, welcome aboard the Jet bandwagon! As a long-suffering Jet fan, I can't help but feel that as soon as I predict a Jet victory, one of their infamous AFC title game collapses will ensue. But I've got a good feeling that today's the long-awaited day. Can't wait!

Uncle Mike said...

Jets lay egg. Steelers fry it.

The Steelers were better. Yeah, well, so were the Colts and Patriots, and that didn't stop the Jets. The Jets were beaten by the same team that always beats them: Themselves.

urinalfresh23 said...

Mikey, that's a real nice way to show some loyalty to YOUR home team. So what if the Jets don't have a long history of winning, does that mean you just throw them under the bus? NO. We should be talking about how the Squealers cheated another team out of their chance for glory.

Instead we have to put up with weeks (and probably months) of hearing all about Stupid Bowl 8 and how Zittsburgh is such a great team, and on and on and on about them. Bullsh*t.

Let's face it, no team has more dirty players than Zittsburgh. And that seems to be something that they teach their players in training camp, because they are always loaded with cheap shot artists and thugs. reported about a rule that went into effect within the past few years, the so-called "Hines Ward" rule, that would call for a 15-yard penalty for cheap shots on defenseless players. I don't remember the exact details, but it was essentially named after Ward because he is a dirty, rotten, little cheater.

I remember back in the late 70s, one of the networks that carried NFL games did an expose on Sh*tburgh, and how they would take cheap shots on other players, how they would try to hurt other players in a pileup, and how they (and the Raiders) were always the most penalized teams, especially for unnecessary roughness and unsportsmanlike conduct. I can still vividly remember Jack Lambert going to tackle someone, picking the guy up, getting him upside down then dropping him on his head. Why that douche was not immediately banned from the NFL is just incredulous.

Well I hope the world will join me in hating the Squealers as much as the world hates the Yankers. Now there are two teams who just need to dry up and blow away, along with the LA Lakers and Duke basketball.

Uncle Mike said...

Freshy, you're an idiot. If the rule was changed because of something that Ward was doing which was then legal then, by definition, he was NOT cheating. Dirty, perhaps; cheating, no. The fact that he has remained one of the NFL's top receivers in spite of this rule being in place shows talent and intelligence -- two things you seem to consider a foreign policy.

You're saying the Steelers engaged in cheap shots in the Seventies? So did every other team back then. It was a rougher game. The Steelers weren't half the punks their greatest rivals for NFL supremacy of the time, the Cowboys and Raiders, were. Specifically, you would have known that about the Raiders if you'd read the fine piece on the 1968 AFL Title Game in yesterday's Daily News.

I'll give you points for understanding the biliousness of Duke and the Lakers. But the Steelers are a class organization. As for the Jets, when did I ever say I was a fan of theirs? I didn't.

And I certainly didn't throw them under any bus. They crawled under there themselves last night. No guts at all.

Steve Cromer said...

1. Just because something may not be "technically" illegal, doesn't make it morally right. Hitting someone in the back, or blindsiding a defenseless player is not within the bounds of good sportsmanship, hence not morally right. If a rule needs to be created, and your name is associated with it, then you're doing something wrong. Maybe it's not legally wrong, but it's morally wrong.

2. So if every team was taking cheap shots back in the 70s, why were the Squealers singled out? Maybe because they were doing it more than anyone else? Think about it.

3. I will agree that the Raiders are dirty cheaters too. What they did to the Eagles in the 1980 Stickum Bowl was a huge black-eye to the game, and they should be ashamed of the themselves. Again, just because it's not "technically" wrong doesn't make it right. But Dallas? Punks? What the hell are you smoking? The Squealers a class organization? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.......(deep breath)......HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. That's why they needed help from the refs to get past the Seahawks and the Cardinals.

4. The Jets are a New York team, so I would expect a little more support from you for YOUR home team. Oh, I forgot, you're all about winning, which really baffles me about the whole Yanker thing, because they don't "win" anything, they buy it.

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