Friday, January 28, 2011

Famous Last Words: Hal Steinbrenner has "no problem" with Brian Cashman

The New York Post's Joel Sherman has an exclusive interview with Hal Steinbrenner today, with Hal saying that he has "no problem" with what Brian Cashman is doing:
 "[Cashman] and I have a great working relationship," Steinbrenner said by phone, "There is no problem, right now. I think we have had a bunch of drummed-up drama."

....When asked if he imagined wanting to keep Cashman beyond 2011, Steinbrenner said: "Yes, absolutely. I think Brian does a great job. We need to sit and talk, but now is not the time for that."
Sherman writes that Steinbrenner "blessed Cashman's behavior at the [Rafael Soriano] press conference":
"I keep reading about dissension and discord. We are a well-functioning company. The bosses have a decision to make. Sometimes people don't agree with those decisions. So I told him, 'You are always honest with the media, be honest now. Tell them what you have to tell them.' I was already onto the next decision. I told him, 'You and I are fine. Answer in any way you want.' We are not always going to be on the same page. It is my job to think what is best for the family, partners and company."
But here's the thing Sherman didn't ask Hal Steinbrenner: If the Yankees were so fine with Cashman speaking out at the Soriano presser, then why didn't they air the press conference live on the YES Network? What, the network the Yankees own couldn't interrupt the gazillionth showing of the Luis Castillo Yankees Classic game in favor of showing their only big free agent signing of the offseason? Come on now.

I have watched a lot of Yankee free agent press conferences on TV over the years, and ever since the YES Network launched, every single one of them have been aired on the network. Except for the Soriano one. Why is that?

Brian Cashman may be the Yankees GM in 2012, or he may not be. But there is no way, even in Yankeeland, that the Steinbrenners are going to publicly express anything but confidence in their GM right now. Do you really think Hal or even Hank is about to say, "What the bleep is going on with Cash? He's having a midlife crisis right before our eyes!" Of course not.

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams seemed to be all BFF with head coach Jeff Fisher, too, even saying just a few weeks ago that he would be back next year, until the two parted ways yesterday. So you never know what can happen.

If the Yankees win the World Series this year, I would guess Cashman would be back. But even then, he could always walk away after winning. You never know what could happen.

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Jonmouk71 said...

2011, Hal Steinbrenner: "(Cashman) and I have a great working relationship. There is no problem, right now."
1985, George Steinbrenner: "Yogi will be the manager this year. A bad start will not affect Yogi's status."
'Nuff said.

robin said...

Lisa, I've just about had it with these Steinbrenner boys; both born on 3rd base thinking they hit triples... an accident of birth these two... I miss the Boss. 180 mil payroll and sergio Mitre in the starting rotation - SHEESH! I think if CASHman had wooed Andy like he firted with Lee, andy would be back. This has been an awful off season. I haven't been this disinterested in 20 years. I told a Mets fan that I finally knew how they felt, 2011 is over and pitchers and catchers havent even shown up. My Mets pal said, no, I didnt know how they feel, they already know 2012, 13 and 14 are over. DOuble SHEESH.

Uncle Mike said...

At least that Met fan was honest with you, Robin. But, at this point, I think Hank & Hal have their heads in the game more than Cashman does. Wanting Pavano back is a sign that, instead of Tampa, he should pay a visit to Bellevue.

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