Friday, January 7, 2011

Why the Yankees' offseason is in the Schlitter

Well, the Yankees didn't get Cliff Lee, or even get Andy Pettitte back, so far this offseason. But hey, they did re-sign Sergio Mitre, give Mark Prior a contract, and now they've claimed Brian Schlitter off waivers from the Cubs. Whoo-hoo!

I know I sound like a twelve-year-old boy here, but the fact that the Yanks have picked up a pitcher named Schlitter makes me laugh and laugh. Sorry for mocking your name, Mr. Schlitter, but it pretty much sums up the Yankees offseason.

Speaking of which, Bryan Hoch of interviewed Brian Cashman earlier this week, and he had this to say:

"We've got a lot of time left on the clock. Who knows?" Cashman said. "The bottom line is, there's a reason we haven't done anything up to this point."
Um, no. There are six weeks to pitchers and catchers, and Sergio Flipping Mitre is in the starting rotation for the New York Yankees. That's a big problem. And don't tell me I'm impatient or "saber-rattling" -- an insult Cashman throws out later in the interview -- for saying so. There's a guy named Andy Pettitte out there. Why the Yankees don't make him an offer he can't refuse (no, not that he's sleeping with the fishes, but that he gets a big payday for 2011) is beyond me.

Besides, even if the Yanks can't get Pettitte back, don't tell me there isn't a single pitcher in baseball available out there who would be better than Mitre. That's just silly.

Cash also had this to say about Pettitte:
"I could just tell you that he has been very good about it," Cashman said. "He informed us about, 'Don't wait on me, I'm leaning toward retirement. As of right now I'm not playing, and if I change my mind I'll let you know.'"
You know, I've gotten a lot of grief from readers over harping on this, but why is it that Cashman can't say anything remotely passionate about wanting Pettitte back? Why can't he make him a big offer? Every time he speaks on this, he shows all the spirit of a wet noodle.
Compare and contrast with what Yankees President Randy Levine (yes!) had to say about Pettitte last week:
"Andy's a great Yankee and a great person and I know he'll give it thought and follow his heart and we'll respect his decision. But we're out there, all of us, hoping every day that he comes back," Levine added. "I think he knows we need him. I think he knows how much we respect him and what a great leader he is."

I'm not a big Levine fan -- all too often, he has said the wrong thing -- but he hit a home run with this statement. Is it too much to expect the same from the Yankees' GM?

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Section 36 said...

"there's a reason we haven't done anything up to this point."

Is he saying he has a secret plan up his sleeve that he will reveal later? Or is his "reason" that they spent so much money on free agents two years ago, they can't do it anymore?

MONDOAS said...

Yes, maybe Cashman should have made an offer to Pettitte that would have blown his mind BUT, and I NEVER EVER stick up for "Jackasshman", he is probably numb to the whole "waiting for Andy" process that happens all the time. As a fan, I am and he should just retire because aren't we all tired of always waiting for a decision? It gets very old! Either pitch or stay at home and be a daddy. He has had since Oct. 22.

Uncle Mike said...

Maybe Cashman was really accusing people of "SABR-rattling."

Kate said...

Lisa I couldn't agree more....Cashman needs to fix the rotation because I might vomit if I see Sergio Mitre starting again. Mitre should never have been re-signed in the first place.

Now, Andruw Jones is rumored to be getting a deal. Cashman is praying one of the wash-ups he signs will make him look like a genius, in midst of not getting Cliff Lee.

Soriano makes sense and Cashman claims cause he doesn't want to five up a draft pick?? When has he cared about trading a minor-leaguer or a draft pick??

Now is not the time to start valuing the draft....Yankees need help now and the Yanks didn't spend a dime on Lee so they have bundles to spend, more than normal so I know the baby Steins are behind all this crap.

He needs to go get PETTITTE too...

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