Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On the Jets and whether the Steelers are the Yankees of the NFL

I watched the AFC Championship Game with Squawker Jon on Sunday, and I felt like somebody punched me in the stomach during the first half. So that's what it means to root for the Jets? Yikes!

At least the Jets showed some real fight after getting knocked down, the way the Yankees really didn't in last year's ALCS, so they've got that going for them.

But so much for my great "Jets are gonna win the Super Bowl" prediction. Grrrrrr. It figures that the Rex Ryan tribute t-shirt I ordered didn't arrive until Monday, just in time for me to miss wearing it during the game. Kind of like how the Jets' offense got there a little too late for them to win. Anyhow, Jon noted that at least I only had a day pass for the Jets' bandwagon! Heh.

I cannot claim to be a "long-suffering Jets fan," but I do have experience, though, waiting for a long time for a team I root for to win. It was 18 years between championships for the Yankees. And it was over 35 years between Texas Longhorns football titles, and given that the previous one happened when I was in the playpen, I basically waited my entire life for that championship.

Anyhow, I griped to Squawker Jon Sunday that I couldn't possibly root for Pittsburgh, as I was sick of seeing them over and over in the Super Bowl. He noted that some baseball fans felt the same way about seeing the Yankees in the World Series. To which my brother later noted, the Yanks have only been in one WS since 2003!

So, despite whatever parallels there are between the Steelers and the Yankees, I will be rooting for Green Bay -- what better way to stick it to Brett Favre than to have them win it all without him! 

What do you think? Tell us about it!

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Anonymous said...

Amen Lisa. I will not be watching the game, I absolutely refuse to watch any team that I hate. But I will be privately hoping and praying that Green Bay can put Sh*tsburgh back where they belong, on the scrap heap. Did I hear someone say first shutout in SB history?

The Squealers absolutely ARE the Yankers of football, just like the Lakers are the Yankers of basketball. It's one thing to want to win a championship, it's what everyone wants. To quote Herm Edwards, "it's why you play the game". But to have to resort to cheating, manipulative ways to do it is despicable.

Too much losing will earn a team sympathy, bewilderment, indifference. But too much "winning" will earn a team disgust, hatred, contempt.

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