Sunday, January 9, 2011

Squawker Lisa sez J-E-T-S are headed to the Super Bowl

I've been saying to Jet fan Squawker Jon for months now that I thought the Jets were going to win the Super Bowl this year. And now the Jets are one step closer to doing so, in getting revenge against the Colts for last year's playoff defeat. Bring on the Patriots, and Tom Brady's dopey Justin Bieber hairdo!

Anyhow, I forget which game this was after, but it was one of those come-from-behind, last-minute victories that the Jets had a lot of this year. I told Jon, to his cringing, that his team reminded me of the 2009 Yankees, with all their walkoff wins. I also said that much like the Yanks triumphed over the Angels in the postseason, that the Jets would get revenge against the Colts.

There's a certain magic you can sense with some teams. Jon and I were in the house for the very first Yankee pie-throwing, and you could feel that the 2009 Yanks were something special. I've had the same feeling for a while now with the Jets, although there have been a few pitfalls along the way, like that humiliation at the hands of the Patriots. For what it's worth, I also predicted the Giants would beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, so I have that going for me.

So now the Jets have done part of what I had predicted, with their last-minute victory last night against Indianapolis. Now it's time for the Jets to stand up for New York and shut up Red Sox Nation by beating the Patriots. Besides, Bill Belicheat needs to be put in his place.

Longtime Squawker readers know I don't really have a set football team to root for, especially now that the manipulative Jeff Fisher has gotten his way and forced my man Vince Young off the Titans. But I do want the Jets to win this year. And not only that, I can visualize it happening.

Jon doesn't like me talking so brash about the Jets' chances. I don't know if it's that he thinks I'm a jinx, or that 40+ years of playoff futility has shut his mouth about his team. But I do think this is the Jets' year, where they make opponents feel the agony of defeat -- or is that "the feet"?

On another note, check out Jimmy Fallon's "tribute" to this year's NFL season: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Pro Bowl Shuffle (1/7/11) - Video -

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nutballgazette said...

You and Jon rooting for the same team? OMG the world is going to come to an end!

OldFatGuy said...

I've been a Jets fan since they drafted Joe Namath in 1964 and signed him to a previously unheard-of $427,000 contract. In 46 years I've had exactly one high point - Super Bowl III. They've had bad teams and - a few - really good teams. But they were never quite good enough. I was thrilled with their win at Indy last night, but I can't get over the feeling that they're setting me up again. I'll be a believer when they win the next three games.

nutballgazette said...

@OFG Almost same story, I started following Jets closely in 66,
But hey it has been tough being a Jet fan but it could be worse, We could be Lion or Brown fans.

Uncle Mike said...

Let's not lose perspective here. The Jets had a great win, at a place with a great home-field advantage. Celebrate it. But it's only the next step. Beating the Cheatriots in Foxboro, then beating either the Steel Curtain at Three Rivers II or the Purple Reign at Camden Yards, is going to be a tall order. The Jets haven't yet convinced me they're at that level.

Nutball could have added the Eagles. After 50 years, I think we can now talk about the Curse of the Dutchman, when coach Buck Shaw and quarterback Norm Van Brocklin retired, and Van Brocklin thought he'd get the coaching job, but he didn't.

The Eagles haven't won since, to coin a phrase, Super Bowl -VI. The Browns, since Super Bowl -II. The Lions, since Super Bowl -IX. And the Cardinals, since Super Bowl -XIX. And that was 2 cities ago for them.

That "Pro Bowl Shuffle" video was hilarious.

David said...

The Jets and their screwball, fat, Dough-Boy look alike coach are going to feel the Agony of DaFeet here in New England on Sunday!

nutballgazette said...

@Uncle Mike, good point on Eagles, I am sure Jon will use that on his Philly Buddies

@David, Agony of DaFeet (Funny)

Uncle Mike said...

Uh, I don't think the Jets will feel the agony of da feet. In case we've forgotten, the Cheatriots don't have Adam Vinatieri to save their bacon anymore.

nutballgazette said...

@ Uncle Mike A few Callers on WEEI this Morning say that is the one thing that worries them--I do think the patriots will win about 31-24, But If it comes down to New England needing a Field Goal to win I bet you they will miss, Nothing is automatic,

See Mariano Rivera (2001 WS Game 7 and 2004 ALCS Game 7)

You know what I think I am going to change my prediction.

Hiwatt said...

So, how are the Patriots and Belichick "cheating" these days? They haven't videotaped since game 1 2007 (and their winning % has actually gone up since then) and if I recall, there was an nfl team who had a coach suspended for interfering with a game in an illegal matter....who was it?.....oh yeah, the jets. Or the Cheats. Or the Feet, or whatever terrible nickname I can come up with. But keep ignoring facts. I look forward to this game.

Uncle Mike said...

Keep ignoring facts? Fact: The Patriots did cheat -- and not just 1 assistant, but the head coach directed it. Fact: Belichick admitted it. Fact: Belichick showed no remorse -- quite the opposite, he basically said, "Yeah, I did it, whaddaya gonna do about it, punks?" Fact: No team in the history of the NFL (91 seasons) has been caught doing so blatant a cheat as the Belichick Patriots.

Opinion: Because they were both caught and unrepentant, none of the Patriots' achievements under Belichick can be trusted. Therefore, any comments about the Patriots being one of the best teams, Belichick being one of the best coaches, and Brady being one of the best quarterbacks, are ludicrous. You'll notice Brady barely even started in college, and Belichick's previous coaching tenure, with the Browns, was a pathetic failure. Maybe that's because they weren't cheating.

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