Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why Reggie Jackson was wrong to compare Tom Brady to Mariano Rivera

Here's something I wanted to weigh in before the Jets-Patriots game is over. Lots of people have noticed how, um, hypocritical it was for career big talker Reggie Jackson to essentially tell the Jets to drink a nice, steaming cup of shut the bleep up. But what bugged me about his ESPN Radio lecture was the fact that he compared Tom Brady to Mariano Rivera:
Jackson also said Jets coach Rex Ryan made a mistake when he questioned Brady's decision to attend the Broadway play "Lombardi" last Saturday instead of watching the Jets' 17-16 wild-card win over the Colts.

"This guy is an automatic Hall of Famer, making fun of him is like making fun of Mariano Rivera," Jackson said. "What are you doing? What are you doing?"
Excuse me? This is insulting to Rivera, someone who has never trash-talked or pointed or shown anything but respect to his opponents.Not to mention that Mo never left his pregnant significant other for a supermodel. He's also not running around with Justin Bieber hair meant for somebody 20 years younger.

No matter how many rings Brady has, he is still a serial tweaker. This is a guy who likes to stick it to his own Boston fan base by wearing a Yankee hat. And he couldn't have been more public in dismissing the opposition than by spending last Saturday night on Broadway going to see "Lombardi" instead of watching the Jets-Colts game. Do you think Tom just happened to go that night because he just wanted to catch a good play? Puh-lease. Don't see why Rex Ryan shouldn't be allowed to note that.

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Uncle Mike said...

Where Reggie was right: Brady has won often enough that he's like the Hulk: Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like it when he's angry.

Where Reggie was wrong, above and beyond the reasons Lisa gave: There's no evidence that Mariano Rivera ever CHEATED! Not to mention that we HAVE seen Mariano do it under Joe Torre and Joe Girardi, whereas we've never seen Brady without Bill Belichick.

And, Lisa, whatever else can be said about him, compared to Brady, no one will ever mock Alex Rodriguez's hair!

Michael said...

Question: When has Brady ever really talked shit about someone? I've never really heard him say anything except the token "We just gotta take it one day at a time." "It's a team effort." type speeches. I've never heard him say a bad word about his opponents, the Jet's or otherwise. I think the real issue here is that you don't like the fact that a Boston athlete was compared to your beloved New York athlete. And the Jet's do need to shut up. They finally have a good team after how many years of choking and having crappy team after crappy team, and suddenly they're big trash talkers. It's just sad really. But in the end, it's a game. And seriously, what does it matter to you if Brady left his pregnant girlfriend? Do you have to raise the kid? No. It's his personal life, it has nothing to do with the game, so that part of your argument is moot.

Uncle Mike said...

NOBODY tells the New York Jets to shut up. Not anymore.

Especially not some New England Chowdahead who roots for a bunch of teams that get caught cheating (Patriots, Red Sox, UConn, BC, and I'm still not convinced the Celtics don't cheat).

urinalfresh23 said...

Anytime you compare "athlete X" to anyone on the Yankers, it's an insult to "athlete X".

urinalfresh23 said...

Mikey, I'd be careful with the cheating talk, especially since, you know, YOUR team is the biggest bunch of cheaters the world has ever known. Nobody cheats like the Yankers. No matter what any team has ever done, it's nothing compared to what the Yankers have done over the past 100 years. The only sports team (and I use that term loosely, since the Yankers are not really a sports team but more like a corporate entity) that comes close is the Pittsburgh Squealers (Steelers).

I am happy for the Jets that they won today, but I already know what's going to happen next weekend. They are going to travel to Zittsburgh and get cheated by the biggest cheaters in the NFL, then the Squealers are going to move on to the Stupid Bowl (it won't be a Super Bowl with them in it) and cheat either the Bears or Packers. So it will be another lost season for the NFL, just like 27 certain seasons in baseball.

Uncle Mike said...

You've outdone yourself this time. How do the Steelers cheat? Oh, that's right, they put players on the field who have a little something extra. Called "talent."

Whoever wins the upcoming Super Bowl, it won't be a team that can legitimately be accused of cheating. Having character issues, sure, but not cheating.

Besides, Freshy, you should LOVE the NFL. It's got that incredibly un-American thing called a salary cap, so nobody can "buy a championship."

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