Thursday, August 13, 2015

A tale of two Squawkers: I am cranky about my Yankees, while Jon is cheering the Mets' rally parakeet

Exclusive: The view inside
 Squawkers headquarters after
the Yankees lost.
I got home after nine last night, after taking a spinning class in Manhattan following a long day at work. And I just wanted to relax with dinner from Chipotle, watch the Yankees win, and then read the brand-new edition of O Magazine, which arrived in the mail yesterday.

So much for that.

Not only did the Yankees lose -- again -- but the Blue Jays won -- again. So the Yankees are now out of first place. On July 28, they had a seven-game lead in the division, which is now gone, gone, gone, thanks to their losing streak, and the Blue Jays' 10-game winning streak.

And I was in too irritated a mood after the game to read my Oprah magazine. No fun. (An aside: this issue is a makeover edition. Note to O Magazine editors: I have lost almost 50 pounds so far, and much of my clothing no longer fits. If you would like to feature a sassy blogger in a future issue, and get her some new clothing, I'm all ears!)

Anyhow, I wonder if I jinxed the Yankees somehow. After all, I went to see the Yankees in person last Tuesday, where they beat the Red Sox 13-3. They even had one nine-run inning! Since then, they have only scored nine runs in the next seven games. Yikes!

Also, the Mets won again. And not only did the Mets win, but they now have a rally parakeet, something Squawker Jon couldn't wait to tell me about!

The parakeet's bright yellow coloring matched the armband padding that Yoenis Cespedes was wearing last night. And that was no accident -- he said he spotted the parakeet before the game and chose the padding to match the bird! (What, does he have padding in every single color, just in case?) Of course, now that Cespedes hit his first home run as a Met while wearing it, he will have to keep on doing so!

Incidentally, is it Citi Field or the Queens Zoo? They have had a menagerie of animals over the years: a cat on the field on Opening Day 2009, a raccoon in the weight room, the chicken named Little Jerry Seinfeld.

Speaking of animals, Squawker Jon has turned from Eeyore to Tigger in the last few weeks, thanks to his Mets winning, and I do not like it one bit!

An example: I posted the above image of Lucy on Facebook (a FB friend sent it to me when I said I was cranky over the state of the Yankees!), commenting that this was "an exclusive look inside Subway Squawkers headquarters after the Yankees dropped out of first place tonight." Jon responded: "Lisa, here's a longer look inside Squawker headquarters after the Yankees fell out of first and the Mets won again," and posted this video:

Good grief!

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