Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I love the smell of defeated Red Sox in the morning. It smells like victory!

So I got to attend last night's Yankees-Red Sox game for free, thanks to Squawker reader Dean hooking me up with a ticket for the game. I sat with him and two of his friends in the Terrace Section and we had a wonderful time. You can't beat a 9-run 7th inning, or a 13-3 victory, especially against Boston!Pretty much the only thing the Sox had going for them, other than Kung Boo Panda hitting a homer, was Henry Owens, their rookie starter, who held his own against a tough Yankee lineup. The rest of the Sox are just abysmal. This is a lousy team from top to bottom, populated by no-names and has-beens (David Ortiz, I'm looking at you!)

Speaking of Ortiz, I saw he recently got some digs in at A-Rod. If there is anybody who needs to drink a nice steaming cup of Shut the Bleep Up, it's Ortiz. He implied Rodriguez was still juicing by saying that he was clean "as far as we know" and whining: “Me, personally, I thought having a year off and getting older was something that would affect you, but he looks good to me.” Pot. Kettle. Black.

Anyhow, what looked to be a pitcher's duel between Masahiro Tananka and Owens ended up being a laugher for the Yankees. As our friends at Sox blog Monstah Mash put it in the lede of their post-mortem on Game 1:
 "I'm sure even the kind folks at Subway Squawkers can agree that this was not a game, or even a massacre–this was a 10 kilaton atomb bomb dropped on the collective hopes and dreams of an entire fanbase. The Yankees could have stopped at six or seven runs to thoroughly humiliate us, but no in typical arrogant Yankee fashion they wiped the baselines with us and it has left me standing still with my mouth gaping open in agony and confusion."
I love the smell of a defeated Red Sox Nation in the morning. It smells like victory!

Some other thoughts on the night:

  • Did you know that the Yankees have scored an incredible 90 runs in the last 10 games? That's just unbelievable!
  • While we all know what great seasons A-Rod and Mark Teixeira are having, Brian McCann is very quietly having a terrific year himself. The Yanks' 3/4/5 punch with them is among the best in baseball.
  • But as good as a hitter as Alex has been, he is as bad a runner. He used to be among the best runners in baseball. Now he looks as slow as me on the basepaths!
  • Comedian Tracey Morgan got one of the biggest ovations of the night when he was shown on the big screen.
  • Another person who got a good ovation was U.S. Army veteran Noah Galloway, who threw out the first pitch. This guy is a total badass. He is missing an arm and a leg. Yet he threw from the mound and made a perfect strike. That one pitch was better than anything the Sox bullpen put up all night!
  • Joe Girardi really micromanaged that Jackie Bradley, Jr. at-bat, bringing in Dellin Betances in the middle of it. Why? More than one Sox fan told me that Joe was pulling a Bobby Valentine with that move! Bradley was hitting .109! Girardi said this move was "strategy." Lunacy is more like it!
  • Speaking of inexplicable things, can the Yankees finally ditch "Cotton Eye Joe" and "YMCA" and the Kate Smith version of "God Bless America"? All of these things are way past their sell-by date.

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Uncle Mike said...

Agreed on the music, but this may be the first time any Yankee Fan has ever put the words "love," "Red Sox" and "smell" in the same sentence.

As for Sox fans' reaction, "The horror... "

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