Friday, August 7, 2015

Looking forward to "The Comment Section" tonight

Every week, I watch Joel McHale on E!'s "The Soup" -- it is one of the funniest shows on television, making fun of weird and wacky clips on TV. This week, I can't wait to see the premiere of "The Comment Section," which comes on after "The Soup" tonight.

"The Comment Section" is what it sounds like -- a look at the comments sections of Internet websites. Think Jimmy Kimmel's mean tweets, but with a twist. 

McHale executive produces the show, and comedian Michael Kosta is the host.

Earlier this summer, I got see a preview of the show and talk with Kosta about the program. If he is as funny on the show as he is in person, this will be a great show!

I have mixed emotions on comments sections on newspaper articles and such. They can be such a cesspool of nonsense, but at the same time, you may see something very funny there. Looks like this show is going to capture the latter. Will write a review after the show airs tonight!

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