Saturday, August 22, 2015

Yoenis Cespedes over Carlos Gomez looks even better now

No wonder the autographed photos of Wilmer Flores crying have sold out.  If that trade had gone through, and Met fans had realized what they would have missed out on, we would all have been crying.

After last night's three-homer game, Yoenis Cespedes now has five homers, 15 RBI, 13 runs and a .316 batting average in 79 at bats as a Met.

Since going to the Astros after his trade to the Mets fell through, Carlos Gomez is hitting .192 with one homer, 4 RBI and 6 runs in 73 at bats

After remaining with the Mets instead of getting traded, Flores has actually outhit Gomez in August, batting .294 with one homer, 5 RBI and 8 runs in 51 at bats, and that does not include his walkoff homer in July in his first game after the trade that wasn't. (Autographed photos of the walkoff are also being sold.)

With Cespedes, the Mets have opened up a five-game lead over Washington, though the collapsing Nationals have to get some credit for that.

Even with Gomez' struggles, the Astros have to be happy about the trade as of today, since throw-in Mike Fiers pitched a no-hitter last night against the Dodgers.

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