Monday, August 3, 2015

Mets and fans enjoying view from the top

Exactly one month ago, here's how I described my visit to Citi Field:

The biggest cheer at yesterday's latest dreary loss came when the Mets actually scored a run. There was a time when I hoped to see a no-hitter, not Jacob deGrom crossing the plate with the Mets' only run of the entire series.

The Cubs won, that day 6-1, to sweep the Mets and drop them to .500 (40-40).  The atmosphere at Citi Field was closer to the "Grant's Tomb" days of the late 70s than the "Magic Is Back" days of the 80s. That's what happens when your team appears to have no chance to score unless the pitcher contributes some offense. Speaking of which, the only bright spot that week was the debut of Steven Matz, and we did not even know at the time that he was about to go on the disabled list.

Now Citi Field is filled with roaring Met fans on a regular basis for the first time in its seven-year history. Noah Syndergaard is talking about how much fun it is to be a Met and he didn't even have to experience much of the bad times. Wilmer Flores is shedding tears at the thought of leaving the Mets and fans are embracing him rather than wondering why he wouldn't be happy to leave.

A lot has changed in the last month, and with two months left in the season, a lot will likely change going forward. But the Mets finally have brought real excitement to Citi Field. It's about time!

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