Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ex-Mets are unlikely heroes for Phillies

The Phillies are just a game behind the Mets, thanks to their win over the Reds, which was powered by three-run homers by none other than Brian Schneider and Wilson Valdez. What's up with seemingly washed-up ex-Mets finding success in Philadelphia? Last year, it was Pedro Martinez starting in the World Series and Chan Ho Park contributing in the bullpen.

The Mets signed a washed-up ex-Phillie in the offseason, but Chris Coste didn't make it out of spring training.

But Hisanori Takahashi's latest meltdown tonight could increase the odds of a far-from-washed-up ex-Phillie coming to the Mets. The Cliff Lee rumors are reaching fever pitch, with Gary Apple breathlessly reporting on SNY Sportsnite that "the latest has the Mariners interested in a Mets package that includes Angel Pagan, Josh Thole and Jenrry Mejia."

Now that would be a great deal for the Mets. Instead of just mortgaging the future by dealing Mejia, they could also mortgage the present by getting rid of their starting centerfielder and no. 2 hitter.

Carlos Beltran may be back soon, but who knows when - or if - he will be the Beltran of old. And even if Beltran has fully recovered, Pagan could end up replacing Jeff Francoeur in right or at least platooning with him.

It doesn't make sense to rent a player for the stretch run if you give up other players you need for the stretch run. Earlier today, Chris Carlin said that he would give up Jon Niese to get Lee. But that would be filling a hole in the rotation by creating another one.

I hope LeBron James takes his time picking a team. Because once he does, it's going to be all Cliff Lee all the time around here. And the speculation will only get wilder. Why would Seattle even want a package of Pagan, Thole and Mejia when the only healthy player is Thole?

If Seattle is looking for MLB-ready players recovering from injuries, here's a package I'd be happy to send for Lee - Oliver Perez and John Maine.


Subway Squawkers said...

"Chan Ho Park contributing in the bullpen"

Now there's a laugh. He may have contributed in Phillies' bullpen, but as for the Yankees, the only thing he's contributed has been by saying something about his stomach problems on camera!

- Lisa

Uncle Mike said...

Rats, Lisa beat me to the joke. Until now, the best job any ex-Phillie has done for the Mets has been by Richie Ashburn. Since then... Willie Montanez?

Then again, the Yankees once had Robin Roberts, thought he was washed up, released him, and it turned out he had a few good years left for Baltimore, where he was a good influence on Jim Palmer.

Actually, a question needs to be asked: If Cliff Lee is so good, why does he keep bouncing around? Everybody seems to want to get him, but nobody seems to want to keep him. Maybe there's something that MLB GMs know that we fans don't. Which brings to mind another ex-Phillie, who bounced around a lot: Dick (Don't call him Richie) Allen.

Uncle Mike said...

I wonder if "Frankie Rodriguez!" (as Steve Somers of WFAN has been kvetching about for the last 2 hours or so) is going to become an unlikely hero for the Phillies. Because he hasn't made any more of a difference for the Mets than The Great Johan Santana has.

Incidentally, K-Rod has blown 4 times as many saves this season as Mariano Rivera, has an ERA 3 times as high as Mo's, and a WHIP double Mo's. Mo is 40, K-Rod is 28.

Is Mo earning his $15 million this season? Well, maybe NOBODY "earns" $15 million. But K-Rod is making $12 million. He is not earning it.

Can I get an "Amen!" from the people who whine about New York's high payrolls? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? (No, wait, he was a Cub fan.)

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