Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pilgrim's Progress: Why I'm supporting the Lakers

I'm making it official - I'm rooting for Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers over the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals. Easy decision.

Normally, I would never root for the Lakers, but this is an extreme circumstance - keeping Boston fans from celebrating! Squawker readers know how much I hate pretty much anything Boston-related, and the Celtics are no exception.

And don't forget - ever since I threw my support behind the Philadelphia Flyers over the Boston Bruins, Philly has been unstoppable. Now they're in the Stanley Cup Finals. Coincidence?

I'm even thinking of dressing like Kobe Bryant to cheer the Lakers on. But forget team gear - I'm thinking of wearing something from his infamous fashion spread. Should I go for the Pilgrim look, or the scarf style? Decisions, decisions! 

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Uncle Mike said...

I, too, am holding my nose, and rooting for Kobe and the Fakers. And where are the investigative journalists who uncovered the cheating of the Red Sox and Patriots when we need them to look into the Celtics?

It would give Kobe the edge over Shaq, 5 rings to 4, and, of course, Shaq has never beaten the Celtics in a Finals (or a Conference Finals). But then, Shaq didn't do whatever it was Kobe did in Colorado, either.

Of course, the Flyers now look stoppable. They haven't won a Stanley Cup since the Yankees were playing in Shea Stadium: May 27, 1975. On the other hand, the Blackhawks haven't won one since Babe Ruth still held the single-season home run record: April 16, 1961, the day before the Bay of Pigs. Something's gotta give!

Contrast that with the Celtics and Lakers: If you count the Lakers' Minneapolis days, between the two of them, they've won 31 (counting this one) of the NBA's 64 championships, and either or both have appeared in 40 of the 64 Finals -- against each other, 12 times now.

MONDOAS said...

This is very quick and to the point..I CAN'T STAND KOBE BRYANT so GO CELTICS!!

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