Monday, June 7, 2010

What's wrong with Mark Teixeira?

Why do MLB managers insist on walking Mark Teixeira to face Alex Rodriguez with the bases loaded, like Blue Jays skipper Cito Gaston did Sunday? Don't these managers ever look at stat sheets these days?

Besides the obvious - that A-Rod has hit three grand slams and driven in 18 runs when put in this situation - the fact is that Teixeria is still slumping. He got the platinum sombrero just the day before. He's off to another bad month. And he's only hitting .211 on the year. Heck, even Ramiro Pena, at .227, is hitting better than Tex is!

I'm officially concerned about Teixeira. The brief time in May where he was hitting again seems to be the aberration, rather than portending him turning it all around.

And I like Tex, but him characterizing Saturday as just "one bad day" is a lot, um, off the mark!

If he doesn't pick up soon, I think he needs to be moved down the batting order, until he turns it around.

But what do you think? Leave us a comment!


Anonymous said...

Leave him in the three spot. Nothing better than seeing the Yankees missing the post season.

MONDOAS said...

167 .222 .136 I want to quickly take it back to the playoffs last year because that's where his bad hitting started. Those numbers are how he performed in the 3 playoff series respectively in 2009. I really don’t have the numbers from ST and those don’t matter. So far, this year he has received the old “well, it’s April and he sucks in April” and wasn't that great in May. Now it’s becoming very glaring that he is not performing. When you listen or read what he says, he went from sounding very lost to believing he's doing better than he actually is. But from what the numbers show, I think he has been lost for a while and he NEEDS to get his stuff together quick b/c the Yankees need him to perform.

Uncle Mike said...

He's back in his home State of Maryland, in that bandbox on the Harbor. That's all he needs to get back on track. Look for at least one long shot in this series starting tonight.

Riddering said...

It's simple--the Yankees' best hitters should be getting the most ABs. If I was Girardi I would give Tex a full day off this week if the slump continues and if that doesn't do anything I would move Cano up. No need giving other teams more outs with Tex up and Cano waiting, hoping, pining to get to the plate.

That being said, I really hope Tex finds his swing. A down season for him would really hinder the Yankees' efforts to take the division. Oh, and if A-Rod could consistently start powering the ball that'd be great too. A 20 home run interleague stretch between the two isn't too much to ask, right? ;)

Uncle Mike said...

Well, what do you know. I'm glad I was right, but I'm usually not THAT right!

Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

is walks and strikeout ratio for the season are around his career average. He has an extremely low BABIP, which only means he has been extremely unlucky.

What bat him 8th? Are you an alumni of Joe Torre's Build your Confidence school?

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