Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog, Jerry Seinfeld, Lady Gaga, and Carl Pavano

With all the excitement going on in Yankeeland with the Dodgers series this weekend, I haven't had much time to focus on some other big topics. Well, let me start with squawking about that complete game shutout Saturday the Mets faced at the hands of Carl Pavano, ace of the Twins staff! Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire says about the ex-Yankee:
"He's been great," Twins manager Ron Gardenhire echoed. "He's a great teammate, a fun guy to have on the team. He's in the dugout rooting for us all the time."
I guess he was in the Carl Pavano Memorial MRI tube rooting for the Yankees when he was on the team, but I doubt it!

* * *

Last week, I did get to listen to a little of Jerry Seinfeld's play-by-play when he was on the Mets broadcast. He said that he had that Bed Bug Dog sniff out his suite after Lady Gaga's infamous visit to Citi Field. ""We brought the bed-bug dog in, Rusty, what's his name? The beagle and it's all clean," Jerry joked.

Anyhow, Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog, the canine in question, was happy to hear that Seinfeld talked about him on the air, even though he did mistakenly call him "Rusty." Here's what the beagle had to say:

Since last night's Mets game against the Detroit Tigers, in which comedian Jerry Seinfeld made reference to me as part of his burgeoning feud with singer Lady Gaga, I've received many calls and emails from friends, family and fans.  Many were excited that a person of Jerry Seinfeld's stature would mention me on air.  Others, though, were surprised that he thought my name was Rusty.  

I was watching the game, and my initial reaction was: Thanks for the mention, but I'm Roscoe! Between my TV ads, my face on a fleet of Bell vehicles and all the work I do in New York City, I get a lot of recognition. But I understand that Jerry splits his time between the West Coast and New York City, so he doesn't see me as often as most other New Yorkers do.  

Just as the character Jerry was complimented that baseball star Keith Hernandez would recognize him in one of the Seinfeld episodes, I'm flattered that the real life Jerry Seinfeld would remember me from my commercials, or from seeing me on fleet of the Bell Environmental vehicles all over New York City.  I'm in Jerry's neighborhood -- the Upper West Side -- a couple times a week on business, and he may have seen me or even had friends or neighbors use my service.

After meeting with my people at Bell Environmental Services, I'd be more than happy to throw Jerry a bone - that's dog humor -- and inspect his stadium box, office, or home for him.  And that goes for Lady Gaga too.  I like Lady Gaga's outfits -- after all I'm a dog who goes to work wearing just a collar.

When is Roscoe getting his own show? Or at least his own gig in the Mets broadcast booth? Funny stuff! I'm following him on Twitter now!

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Brien Jackson said...

"When is Roscoe getting his own show?"

When he's as non-funny as Jerry Seinfeld apparently.

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