Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thumbs up on the commemorative Yankee caps

I'm glad that MLB finally mixed up the options a little on those commemorative Stars and Stripes hats, worn to commemorate Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Patriots' Day (September 11.) To wit, instead of the Yankees wearing those red caps, which were very jarring - to say the least- they had a snazzy-looking hats with a white background, and blue brim.

As the daughter of a World War II veteran and a sister of an Iraq War vet, I appreciate the sentiment behind these hats - the sale of the caps benefit Welcome Back Veterans. But now that the caps are white and blue, instead of red, I can appreciate the style behind them as well. (Sorry, just couldn't wear a red hat - ever!)

Anyhow, was wondering what fellow Yankee fans thought of the new hats!


Robin said...

It's better than red but I don't like the white... I think it would be better if the entire hat was Yankee blue with just the red/white/blue logo.

Uncle Mike said...

I agree. The New York Yankees wear blue hats. Not red, not white, not green, not yellow, and definitely not pink. The stars-and-stripes NY logo looks sharp, but put it on a blue cap.

And I really can't stand the multicolored knockoffs. If you wear a pink cap, it doesn't mean you root for that team, or that you're a girl, or that you look cool. It means you're trying to look cute, and baseball teams are NOT supposed to be cute. It wasn't being cute that made Derek Jeter worthy of the Captaincy once held by Thurman Munson, who was most definitely not cute. It was his achievements and his leadership. And if A-Rod looked like John Kruk...

Roger 9 said...

I think the white/blue caps are fine for the few times that they will be worn.Patriotism is the one thing that is bigger than the Yankees and all of baseball.We should ALL salute our people in the armed forces!

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