Saturday, June 12, 2010

Squawker Road Trip Part. 2: Mets at Camden Yards

After watching the Yankees lose Thursday, the Squawkers completed their Camden Yards road trip with Friday night's Met game. There were almost as many Met fans in attendance as there were Yankee fans the previous night. Some were posing for photos with Boog Powell, who was signing autographs in front of Boog's BBQ. Others were wearing the floppy Orioles hats that were being given out that evening. The hats are reversible, orange side and white side, and the orange side matches the orange Met shirts some fans were wearing.

It was great to finally visit the ballpark that started the retro trend, and Camden Yards is a nice place, but I prefer Citi Field, especially the food. We were not overwhelmed by the beef sandwiches we had at Boog's. The boardwalk fries were regular fries with self-serve Old Bay seasoning. I did enjoy my crab cake Friday night, as well as some local Heavy Seas beer. Lisa liked her grill dog and frozen margarita, which she was able to buy from a vendor in the stands.

We were sitting in the lower level with a mix of Met and Oriole fans. The most fervent Oriole fan was wearing, of all things, an Albert Belle shirt. The Orioles have a proud history, but aside from some Cal Ripken shirts, I only saw a couple of Jim Palmer shirts. No Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson or Boog. Met fans were wearing Tom Seaver, Mike Piazza and we even saw a Bud Harrelson.

It is still hard for me to get used to the idea that the Orioles' manager is Juan Samuel, part of one of the worst trades in Met history. The Mets traded Lenny Dykstra and Roger McDowell to the Phillies almost exactly 21 years ago (June 18, 1989) for Samuel. What is it about players the Mets get in horrible trades ending up managers? First Jim Fregosi and now Samuel. Samuel is only interim, but now the Orioles are said to be interviewing Bobby Valentine.

As for the game, I was at first disappointed to be seeing R.A. Dickey again. I had seen him shut down the Phillies a couple of weeks ago and figured that his luck was bound to run out. Jon Niese was originally scheduled to pitch Friday night before he switched spots with Dickey, and Niese was almost unhittable Thursday night. Who knows, if Niese had pitched Friday night, maybe I would have gotten to see the elusive Met no-hitter.

But as it turned out, Dickey nearly completed another no-run performance, finally giving up a run with two outs in the seventh.

In the only other Met game Squawker Lisa has attended this season, Ike Davis hit his first major-league homer. Tonight, Chris Carter did the same. Jesus Feliciano will want to be in the lineup for Lisa's next Met game.

Saturday night is Orioles/Ravens Rally Cap Night, and there was an announcement that the caps had not yet arrived, and if they didn't make it by gametime, fans would get vouchers. This really is some franchise.

But they do have a nice ballpark, and now the Mets actually have a chance to win a series on the road.


Uncle Mike said...

Met fans are probably familiar with Boog from watching SNY's replays of the 1969 World Series. Although I notice that the Mets' PA announcer at the time introduced him as "John Powell."

The Orioles are also the only opposing team I've ever seen sell Yankee merchandise in their team store. I can understand pandering to visiting fans, but, come on, they need to have some pride.

And letting Yankee Fans and Red Sox fans take over your ballpark is one thing. We're everywhere, like the U.S. Army. And Sox fans are everywhere, like bacteria. But letting Met fans take over your ballpark -- when they're only getting 33,000 a game at their own park? That's inexcusable.

The people running the game-day operations are all class, and I tip my cap to them. But the baseball side of things, including supplying the memorabilia stands, has got to be straightened out. The Orioles used to be admired, but now they've become laughable.

Peggy said...

I like Citi Field but I prefer Camden. I love Eutaw Street and the warehouse. The Inner Harbour is so cool too. Citi Field lacks surrounding atmosphere unless you like parking lots. The thing I dislike most at Citi Field is the video screen that is surrounded by advertisements. It looks so tacky the way it was done kind of lose the screen. I did like the new HOF at Citi Field. It is well done..except for the Mr. Met Head
and Hands..that could give a person nightmares ..haha. Yankee Stadium has Stan's, the bars, all the stores so that after the game you can enjoy too..not just have to rush home because there is nothing nearby except tons of cars.

I've seen diagrams of the park area
that is going to be built next to the Stadium which will really look
beautiful and also add to the area. In the end I think both of the new venues.. Citi Field and Yankee Stadium are great places to see a game.

I will be heading to Camden in September ..I usually go once or twice a season. I really enjoy the games there especially since the Yanks usually win ... :o)

Go Yankees 2010 !!!

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