Monday, December 22, 2008

Are the Yankees junk food junkies?

While Squawker Jon is still mourning the loss of the Jets' season (so much for Mangenius and the overrated and odious "Broadway" Brett Favre) there is still lots to talk about in Yankeeland. Here are a few interesting tidbits:

The Bergen Record's Bob Klapisch suggests that Joe Girardi will be on a short leash in 2009 :
If the Yankees are playing .500 ball in mid-May, the clock on his dismissal will be ticking loudly. This is the same pressure that Willie Randolph faced early in 2008, and look how the Mets responded: They got their manager fired as they sunk under .500. Girardi is getting one more chance to undo last year’s mistakes, including his over-reliance on team meetings, his inability to digest and process tough losses and his ill-advised policy of banning junk food in the clubhouse.
I just love that the junk food policy is in the same sentence as the much more serious concerns about Girardi's managing. But people - especiallly athletes - get mad when you take away their treats.

And is Joe's edict the real reason CC Sabathia got a $9 million signing bonus - to stock up on snacks?

But I do think Girardi would be wise to loosen up on this issue. Heck, maybe he should tie the quality of junk food in the clubhouse to the quality of victories, the way he brought back ice cream as a treat last year when Mike Mussina reached 10 wins. Maybe a 1 to 5 fork rating system is in order here!

Besides, it could help with recruiting. Manny Ramirez is reportedly telling friends he's waiting on a three-year offer from the Yanks. If Girardi promises HoHos, Big Macs, and M&Ms on a regular basis, maybe Manny will be Manny without that $100 million salary he covets. Dare to dream!

* * *

Former Yankee Dock Ellis died this weekend, and Jay Jaffe's Futility Infielder site has an interesting piece about his life. Ellis didn't just reportedly pitch a no-hitter on LSD; he also once wore curlers onto the field during pre-game warmups! How did I not know that tidbit? Wonder what Girardi would have thought of that maneuver, especially if Manny Ramirez tries it next year?

* * *

Here's a fun quiz - see how many MLB teams you can name in three minutes. It's tougher than you'd think. (I got 27, and then my brain froze!)

* * *

The 500 HR Club site is featuring a poignant video of Babe Ruth playing Santa Claus for children with polio. What makes it even more touching is that it would be Ruth's last Christmas himself, and you can hear his voice sound very ragged and rough.

* * *

Finally, check out Zell's Pinstripe Blog to read his amazing story of how he met Phil Hughes on a baseball card message board.

Do you think Joe Girardi ought to relax his junk food ban? Leave us a comment about that, or anything else that's on your mind!


Uncle Mike said...

That was great to see the man Jimmy Cannon (who wrote for the New York Post when that paper was worth something) called "Santa Claus drinking his whiskey straight" actually playing St. Nick. Even though he was sick, he never gave up on his love for kids. And "a rabbit"? "A baby brother"? Not things that are easy even for Santa to bring, but he handled it pretty well.

Now, if the Babe were to come back, and check out The House That Steinbrenner Built to Replace The House That Ruth Built, and bring a few of the other ghosts with him, I wonder if he'd tell Joe Girardi to bring back the junk food? Especially if one of the ghosts is Phil Rizzuto: "Holy Cow, where's the cannoli? Girardi, I thought you were Italian! You huckleberry!" While Mickey Mantle, Billy Martin and Bobby Murcer laugh it up over in the corner.

The Emperor said...

I think Joe should relax just a little on his junk food ban. Maybe it's okay if some of the players can snack on a SNickers bar once in a while. I wouldn't advise having a vending machine in the clubhosue, but if a few candy bars are lying around occasionaly I don't see the harm in it. These guys work out every single day. They won't go into cardiac arrest of they eat a popsicle once in a while.

By the way, I took that quiz - I was able to name 28 teams with 46 seconds remaining, but like you Lisa I got stuck. I didn't remember to list the Tigers and the Royals.

The Emperor said...

I know letting my mind run away with me, but imagine if the Yankees wind up getting both Tex AND Manny???

That would be really something.

Anonymous said...

First, Happy Holidays to all and hoping 2009 proves to be a better season for the Yankees and their loyal fans. Regarding Girardi, I supported his hiring but was dissappointed the way he responded to many situations this past season, hopefully he uses last season as a learning experience but if Manny joins the yankees he won't know which end is up. My Christmas wish would be to add Mark
Teixiera and that piece to the 09 puzzle should put us back in the thick of things in the AL East. Also if Pettitte goes elsewhere, lets give Hughes a shot at #5, or if Pettitte returns alternate Hughes/Joba to control thier innings pitched.

Uncle Mike said...

I forgot to mention: Having long known baseball's teams in alphabetical order -- though the move of the Brewers to the NL and the Expos to D.C. has forced me to alter it, as I usually name the AL teams first and the NL teams second -- it took me just 25 seconds to rattle off the names of all 29 Major League Baseball teams.

Well, 30, if you count the Mets.

She-Fan said...

I was behind Girardi's hiring too, so I hope he makes adjustments and proves us right in his sophomore year. He needs to be tough when appropriate (why did he wait until September to bench Cano?) and relaxed when appropriate (give the players their junk food). Merry Christmas, everyone.

The Emperor said...

We're getting TEX!!!! He agreed to sign with us for 8 years, $180 Million!!!

Wow, what a Christmas the Yanks have delivered to us fans this year!! I guess the Steinbrenners and Cashman were thinking along the same lines that we were after all -- let Manny sign elsewhere; we know he ain't going back to Boston. We got the man we wanted...This is AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, Texiera just signed with the Yankees, now we are back in business!

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