Friday, December 5, 2008

A jolly good idea for A-Rod

The baseball hot stove league may not be on fire just yet, but Alex Rodriguez continues to blaze his way across the news again. Unlike previous offseasons, where he ticked off the likes of Trot Nixon by bragging about his workout regimen, it looks like the most running A-Rod is doing these days is of his mouth.

First off, according to A-Rod's good friend David Ortiz, Alex has decided to play for the Dominican Republic in this spring's World Baseball Classic. Remember in 2006, Alex played for the U.S. team after he first said he wasn't going to play at all. His mother and wife argued it out for two hours, with his wife wanting him to play for Team USA, and his mother wanting him to play for the D.R. I guess now that C-Rod is out of the picture, Alex will do what his mother wants.

But what about Madonna? What if she demands that he play for her adopted homeland, England? True, they don't have a team in the tournament - yet. But that could always change. What ever Madonna wants, Madonna usually gets!

I'm just worried that Alex will pick up Madge's phony British accent. Imagine him talking all highfaluting with Kim Jones in the postgame. That's all we need.

Then again, the Material Girl and No. 13 are supposedly not really dating. Alex claimed to that there is no hanky panky going on between him and Madonna, saying, "We're friends - that's it."

The article also says:
While rumors have swirled that the slugger and the singer, 50, have been carrying on a romantic relationship and flying around the country in order to spend time together, "I can tell you this," Rodriguez says, "I have never been on a plane with her."

Hmmm, really? Then why did run pictures last week of Madonna and Alex getting off a private plane together?

One of the infuriating things about A-Rod is that he says dopey things to the press. And this comment wasn't just dopey, it was dishonest. And easily proven false. It makes me long for the days when he was bragging about skipping spending time with his child in order to work out.

I still think Alex is the greatest player of his generation, but he also needs a nice steaming cup of shut the heck up. Ever since he opted out during the World Series, he's made one blunder after another, with no end in sight. Sheesh.

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Anonymous said...

What do I think about the A-Rod issue? I think that we as Yankee fans need to get behind him and rally and cheer him on while he continues to play for our team. We need his offense, defense and we need him to be free of taunts from his own fans. We need him to feel confident and assured when he plays at home in front of us fans. Like him or not, he's our guy until 2018, so let's get used to it.

To hell with all this coverage about his relationship with Madonna. I wouldn't care if he's having orgies with her, Vladimir Putin, Mother Teresa, Whoopi Goldberg and Osama bin Laden! I care that he helps us win ball games and eventually helps us win in the Post Season -- assuming we make it there next year and beyond.

All this media sensationalism about him and Madonna has the annoying tacky glittery vibe of some glossy superficial teen magazine, and it's enough that everyone keeps harping on every move he makes. Does anyone care enough to support him when he's wearing the pinstripes and playing the games anymore?

Sure, I care that he's a good decent person -- I don't want to root for some criminal or some sociopath, but what he does with Madonna is not illegal and I wish everyone ELSE would drink a steaming cup of shut the heck up about him and his personal life already. We're grown folks, people, not young teenage girls. Get off his jock strap already.

Anonymous said...

In those pics of the plane which picture is A-Rod in?

I agree with The Emperor, when he starts breaking the law I'll invest a tad bit of emotion into what he says and does. Until then I really don't care.

Sometimes its not the athletes who create the hoopla its the way the media covers it. And I'm not getting caught up in it.

Anonymous said...

A-Rod flew into Miami that day but not with Madonna. The picture on the steps is Madonnas manager Guy Oseary and the picture in the plane is her security guy.

Unlike you, I won't call the person who says otherwise dishonest instead I'll say they were mistaken because of the blur.

Anonymous said...

The TMZ picture is of arod and madonna. the picture link is awful and grainy, but the TMZ television show was on the other day and is much more clear.
I do agree that it is a non-story though. other than the fact that arod's "extra-marital" lady friends all share a common trait, being unattractive. it is one thing to step-out on your wife, but if you are going to stoop to that level, at least make sure it is a step-up and not down! perhaps jeter should take him under his wing and introduce him to young, attractive women!

Anonymous said...

Google Melissa Britos. A-Rod has been seen out and about with her for a few weeks now.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what you think you saw on TMZ. I know for a fact that A-Rod was not on that plane.

Anonymous said...

Well, if arod and this Melissa Britos are an item, then he is heading in the right direction! his past is questionable, with madonna and that blonde brute he was pictured with previously!

and you know for a fact that arod wasn't on the plane, huh? interesting, i didn't think that arod, madonna, or their people would be combing through every single blog in the blogosphere to clear-up the misconception that he was on that plane. get real.

She-Fan said...

I agree with The Emperor and others: Everybody should let "A-Rod be A-Rod." At least he doesn't dog it on the field like Manny. So he says dumb things and wasn't a good husband. Which ballplayer, exactly, hasn't been guilty of either? I, personally, don't care who he's dating or which WBC team he plays for. I just want those 50 HRs and 150 RBIs.

Anonymous said...

Cal Ripken

Jonmouk71 said...

I don't care about A-Rod's personal life; as long as he does nothing illegal, like shoot himself in the leg, I don't care. What he does with the bases loaded in the 9th inning is what I care about - stop hitting into DPs! Date that talentless blonde Hagatha all you want.

Uncle Mike said...

The Emperor is right: As long as it doens't affect the team, A-Rod's personal life should be treated as a non-issue. He's not breaking any laws.

Like The Emperor also said: "I don't want to root for some criminal or some sociopath." After all, it's not like he's ever hit anybody in the head with a purpose pitch or thrown an old man to the ground by his head. Or even thrown a broken bat into the path of some slowpoke who was never going to be hit by it but later claimed the bat was actually thrown at him.

Anonymous said...

The only player in the game today that I think less of is Manny, both are first class a s s h o l e s in their own way. Yankees should have let him walk last year no we are stuck with him and his hugh ego!

Anonymous said...

Agreement on Arod and leaving his off the field issues off the field. Like uncle, although grandpa is more likely, mike said, it is not like he has ever done those things. it is not as though he has ever had steroids injected in his ass and threw his wife under the bus, either.
Arod is a good guy, who doesn't cheat. when he is a yankee, that means a lot!

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