Monday, December 29, 2008

Too bad Mets didn't move as quickly on Willie Randolph

After the Mets' 2007 collapse, there was some speculation that Willie Randolph would lose his job. The Mets did not confirm that Randolph was coming back for a couple of days.

Had the Mets started the season with a new manager, rather than letting Randolph go 34-35, they would have had a much better shot at winning the NL East.

The Jets did not even wait 24 hours before getting rid of Eric Mangini. I'm glad the Jets acted a lot more decisively than the Mets did with regards to Randolph. Two years ago, Mangini was Mangenius, the rookie coach who led his team to the playoffs. Who's to say he won't be a good coach again someday somewhere else. But he's not a good coach now, and the Jets are built to win now. In fact, their window might well have passed.

I wish I could be more optimistic about who the Jets will hire now. But 14 years ago, the Jets fired another young coach, Pete Carroll, after a late-season collapse. Owner Leon Hess, declaring he was 80 years old and wanted to win now, hired Rich Kotite.

At least the Jets-Giants rivalry isn't the same as Mets-Yankees. I don't think Jet fans will complain about "hiring a Giant" if the Jets get Steve Spagnuolo. We certainly didn't complain when Bill Parcells came in.

And as of now, the best coach the Jets have had this decade is ex-Giant Bill Belichick, who was HC of NYC for just one day.

Pitchers and catchers can't get here soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Imagine, if the mets moved fast enough with willie, we could have had a full season without his wisdom, and, perhaps more importantly, the yankees could've hired him instead of girardi!

Uncle Mike said...

Imagine there's no Yankees. It's easy if you will. No Braves below us, above us only Phils...

Met fans can imagine all they want. It's the only way they'll ever see their team play in the postseason again.

As for the Jets, I'm beginning to wonder why they even still exist.

Anonymous said...

There's always the theory that there are parellel universes. Perhaps in one of them the Yanks really do suck or don't even exist.

But they exist in this universe, and eight decades of domination is a statement of fact and not a figment of anyone's imagination.

Noodles said...

the mets freakin' suck ass. for a big market team they present themselves as baseball's biggest sorry s**t sack of losers i've ever had the misfortune of watch play...and to think they cludder up the nyc sports market with their sorry ass team and fans always bitching about the yankees and obsessing over the yankees. makes me sick to my stomach where i wanna puke up my guts. all that money and they lose it in ponsi schemes and wasting it on useless talent that couldn't win a ws in a raffle.

Anonymous said...

remarkable that cuddles is able to even turn a computer on, nevermind actually type out an intelligent, articulate post such as the one that he did. perhaps you can enlighten us on the inner workings of this "ponsi" scheme you referenced. if you were to google it to learn what it is, you might want to add the z, less you "clutter" up your search results.

i have begun my resolution a few hours early, and therefore I will refrain from upsetting "her highness" by pointing out that 8 decades of dominance might be a bit of an exaggeration.

Speaking of which, really grandpa? the mets will never make the playoffs again?

Noodles said...

yeah you got balls hiding behind the name "anonymous". you think you're cute trying to disrespect us. you wanna meet someplace and prove how much balls you got? maybe after i knock your frickin teeth out it'll be easier to blow mr. met, you pussy..

Noodles said...

hey anonymous - happy new year, ya fag..

Anonymous said...

Noodles, take it easy! C'mon, it's only a blog. This guy is just trying to break your chops. Just ignore him -- forget about it. It's not worth getting upset over. It didn't take me very long to finally realize that.

Nobody knows one single thing about the other people who post here or anywhere else. We could stand right next to each other on the street and would have absolutely no idea who each other is. It's the Internet; our identities are supposed to be hidden.

It's a new year. Let's just try to usher it in with goodwill and stop all this vitriol.

Yanks, Mets, Red Sox, whomever -- let's just root hard for our teams see how the 2009 season plays out.

Anonymous said...

actually cuddles, i posted as KM. not anonymous, wouldn't expect you to have the intellect to actually read the post though. but would it give me more "intestinal fortitude" if I were to create a name like "noodles?"

I commented on your lack of intelligence, and rather than proving me wrong by posting a thoughtful, eloquent response, you resort to threats of violence. very typical of those of below-normal intellect. I might remark that this is consistent with you being a fan of the yankees, but that would actually be an insult to fans like Uncle Mike and Emperor, who, while I will throw barbs at on occasion, are typically game for such discourse.

I apologize for writing so much, and for so long. I realize that you are only able to digest short bursts of nonsense, so I will simplify it all for you.
if you can't engage in somewhat intelligent dialect, then shut up and crawl back in your cave.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, KM. Throwing barbs is one thing, but there's absolutely no excuse for violent threats. Sorry that had to take place.

Noodles, you may be a fellow Yankee fan, but what you said to KM is truly uncalled for. None of that was necessary. Like I said in my above post, it's only a blog. Fans argue and tease, and yeah, sometimes we get upset, but you have to get over it. It's not that important.

I think one very important thing we all need to keep in mind is to try and and actually have some fun and to not take ourselves so seriously. Baseball is supposed to be a fun way to get away from daily stress while extracing a little civic pride watching our teams do well (hopefully). When people turn to violence, it's time to step back and examine if being a fan of the sport is the right for you.

Nobody deserves to be threatened in any kind of way.

Anonymous said...

Well said emperor, and with that:

let's go mets!

.....and the yankees su*k!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha.


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