Sunday, December 14, 2008

On Cole, Cashman, choke artists and crummy uniforms

Squawker Jon, I just listened to WFAN's broadcast of Cole Hamels calling the Mets "choke artists." And I am disappointed that you weren't more "worked up," as you put it, over it. I expected you to destroy a water cooler, or overturn a buffet table or something. Instead, you were all "meh" about what the Phillie said. What's up with that?

Hamel's comments reminded me of the way Red Sox players Curt Schilling, Trot Nixon, et al spent the first few days of spring training after the 2004 World Series bashing A-Rod. And you know how annoyed I was over that! I expected more of the same peckishness from you. But it does say something about the rivalries - in both cases, you'd expect the winning players to be above it all, but they still took potshots at the losers.

Then again, Red Sox fan site Surviving Grady tweaked the Yanks this week, and instead of being outraged, I kind of nodded my head in agreement.

The site featured the latest edition of the "Cashman-Headwarmer Dialogues," called "Haven't We Been Here Before?" where Brian Cashman and his infamous Adidas headband talk it out about each year of the Yanks' free agent signings. Here's a snippet:


Cashman: Well, it's done.

Headwarmer: Excellent. If I had hands, I'd be rubbing them together, doing a sort of menacing laugh.

Cashman: Indeed. Now that we've signed Jason Giambi, who can stop us?

Oh, and not that I get a vote on these things, but the new Red Sox primary road jerseys are hideous (click here to see what I'm talking about). Newsflash - when your team is called the Red Sox, you might want to have some, well, RED on the uniform!

Come to think of fit, the uniform looks like a poor imitation of the Yankees' road jersey. I guess the Yankees really are in the Sox's heads. Maybe now's the time where I should rub my hands together in glee and do a menacing laugh!

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mhochman said...

All I know, is that the World Champion Phillies seem to spend more time talking about the Mets than their own championship. Are we in their heads much? Oh i think so...

Anonymous said...

the team is the red sox, as you said lisa. the picture that I saw had a pair of red socks on the sleeve. i am confused? that is red, and they are socks, and the team is the..ah never mind. I guess yankee fans will grab anything to take a shot at the red sox, but this is stretching big time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mhochman. This Phillies team has been talking about the Mets for years now. It's not annoying to Mets fans so much as it is embarrassing that their team won a WS and can't seem to let that speak for itself.

The funny part is that for all this talk of being choke artists, the mets whipped the Phillies to a tune of .611 (11-7), the Phillies only managing to take one series against the Mets the entire year.

Roger9 said...

Maybe the Red Sox don't feel that ther is enough tradition to presesve.

Ryan O said...

I think that was silly of Hamels to say. As a Met fan it made me mad at the Phillies until i remembered what happened last year and got mad at the Mets. And then i also remembered that Cole Hamels looks like a teenage girl who went 0-2 with a 6.00 era against us.

Ryan O

Uncle Mike said...

Lisa: It doesn't matter how much money the Red Sox have, they will always be a poor imitation of the Yankees. If you can't beat 'em, become 'em. This is what they have done. Except they've also become something the Yankees have never become. As Walter Cronkite put it, "I think we've got a bunch of thugs here, Dan."

Anon: Yes, Yankee Fans will grab anything to take a shot at the Red Sox. They make themselves such easy targets.

Roger9: Ding ding ding ding! We have a winner. (You, that is, not the Red Sox.)

mhochman: The Mets are in the Phillies' heads? A, clearly not, because the Phillies are the World Champions. B, it means the Mets are out of their own heads.

Ryan O: Hamels looked like a teenage girl? Well, he just got a big diamond ring, and you know what they say about diamonds -- or you would, if you weren't a Met fan.

Ryan O said...

haha mike,

your right, but i do have a replica 1986 world series ring from Tropicana Orange Juice! I was only 7 years old, and it still doesnt fit me.

Are you already sizing a big diamond ring for CC?? Problem is the only thing that would fit over his fat finger would be a donut...but he might prefer that.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Mike said "It doesn't matter how much money the Red Sox have, they will always be a poor imitation of the Yankees."

The Red Sox aren't trying imitate the Yankees. They'll never try to buy the championship! That strategy has never worked anyway. For some bizarre reason, the Steinbrenners, Cashman and certain Yankees fans haven't figured that out.

Fred Garvin

The Emperor said...

Remember Ruben Sierra's first tour in a Yankee uniform when he left he bitched about the Yankees with this quote: "All the Yankees care about is winning..."

Ummmm....really? Did we really need Sherlock Holmes to uncover that cryptic information?

Duh...guilty as charged. People can say what they want to about the Yankees and the way they spend money, but I guess all they care about doing is winning and stomping out the rest of the league in the process.

Umm...again...guilty as charged...

Uncle Mike said...

The Red Sox will never try to buy the championship?

This just in: Curt Schilling spent the 2004 season on food stamps.

Where's that "rolleyes smiley"?

NAM said...

I noticed last summer at Fenway, seeing a Yankee T-shirt made with Red Sox blue and red and I thought can't they leave our colors alone. The only unform change I have liked was the New England Patriot's. The Flying Elvis is fantastic as was the change in colors. Frankly, I think the new Red Sox traveling uniforms look more like the White Sox uniforms. Although I did see a pair of Red Sox on the sleeves so I'm not sure what Lisa's comment was about it missing. I will have to hear about this from my Mom all season! And why would anyone want to imitate the Yankees? They came in third in the division (in case you forgot).

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