Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm peeved about Pettitte

Squawker reader/Red Sox fan a cape lad sent me a link this morning that made my jaw drop to the floor. Here's the tidbit in question, from the Boston Globe's Extra Bases site:

Shortly after Theo Epstein met with reporters tonight, an agent walking the hall of the Bellagio resort and casino gave the Red Sox a supreme compliment.

"They explore everything,'' said the agent.

Including a name that should be familiar to all Sox fans for obvious reasons: Andy Pettitte.

I thought Andy looked positively revolting in the Astros' maroon, but the thought of him wearing a Red Sox uniform is enough to make me turn red - with anger! Pettitte going to Boston simply cannot happen.

Andy was going to be dead to me - again - anyway if he spurned a reasonable offer from the Yanks to go elsewhere on the table to go elsewhere (and yes, given the Mitchell Report, Pettitte's lousy second half, and the current economic climate, I think a $10 million opening offer is reasonable), but the thought of him going to Boston would really kill me. Can he be doubly dead to me? Is that possible?

Maybe Pettitte has earned enough points among some Yankee fans that he could ultimately be unscathed by his time in Boston, the way David Cone was. But this squawker would never forgive Andy for such a betrayal.

I know Boston wooed Andy the last time around, and he turned them down, saying he couldn't do that to his old team. I hope Pettitte still has that same mindset.

Yankee fans, how would you feel about Andy going to Boston? And Red Sox fans, would you embrace Pettitte in Beantown? Tell us what you think!


a cape lad said...

as the inspiree of this blog, i will chime in first and say i think red sox nation would welcome pettitte with open arms, not only because he is a great pitcher, but one of the rare players of class that can transcend the rivalry. of course we would also love to stick it to the yanks and have him win a WS with us next year.

Anonymous said...

If Andy pitches any where else except NY for similar money that Ny offered $10 mill--he will show his true stripes and I don't mean pin stripes. Looks like more of Roger rubbed off on Andy than we imagined. In 98 when they won 114 games the highest pd pitcher was David Cone at 6.6 mill, now everyone is wondering what happened to the economy!

The Emperor said...

Look everyone - Andy didn't even sign with anyone yet! Before the lynching starts, let's just wait and see what he decided to do first.

Don't draw and quarter him when he hasn't even done anything yet. Wait until he's actually guilty first.

There is a strong possibility that he will come back to the Yanks after all. If he turned the Red Sox down last year, he may do the same thing this year. Let's just wait and see.

Lisa Swan said...

Emperor, you're right - nothing has happened yet. And there's still a good chance Andy will stay a Yankee. But just the thought of him wearing a Red Sox uniform sets me off. It's just too much to even contemplate!

Uncle Mike said...

Andy Pettitte does have class, which is why he would never associate himself with those dirty low-down Sox.

Yes, Cone went there, but that was before the franchise revealed its true character over the course of the 2003 season, especially in October.

Wells went there, after that, but we forgave him as well.

Besides... there's always going to be that tape of Boggs on the horse.

Anonymous said...

It is always interesting that MINJ resorts to insulting other teams instead of stating a valid baseball reason. Tough to say the red sox are dirty and lowdown, seem pretty classy to the rest of the baseball fans, then again, I guess if you can't beat them, insult them!

And why should pettitte stay with the yankees. they have been slow-playing him while exploring other options, why shouldn't he do the same? a class organization takes care of it's own, they don't leave them out to flap in the wind.

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