Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just say no to Bobby Abreu

No, Squawker Lisa, I don't want Bobby Abreu on the Mets next year. First of all, he's lefthanded, and the Mets need a righthanded bat in the outfield. Second, the Mets have a pitching staff that allows a lot of fly balls, and having an outfielder who is afraid of the wall just won't do.

But most importantly, the Phillies were so eager to get rid of Abreu that they gave him up for virtually nothing. Even with a salary dump, they should have been able to get at least one decent prospect from the Yankees. But the Phillies didn't think Abreu was a winning player, so they sent him packing in the middle of the '06 season.

In the two-plus years that Abreu has been in New York, I can't honestly say that he has come across as the kind of guy you wouldn't want on your team. But in the first full year he was off the Phillies, they broke their playoff drought, and the following year won the World Series.

Meanwhile, the Yankees have continued to underachieve with Abreu. Coincidence? Maybe so. But there's no need to test the theory by signing another aging player.

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