Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is Brett Favre the Jets' Pedro Martinez?

Sorry, Squawker Lisa, I know this is a baseball blog, but on the day when the Jets season goes down in flames, I need to go off-topic.

I was even more excited about the Brett Favre deal than I was about the Pedro Martinez signing. And both moves got off to great starts. A month ago, there was even talk of a Subway Super Bowl.

But now the Jets are very likely out of the playoffs, since the Patriots and Ravens will almost certainly win their games next week against the sub-.500 Bills and Jaguars.

Assuming next Sunday's Jets-Dolphins game is moved to prime time, think of what the shivering fans will have to look forward to. The Jets, already eliminated, will be playing to prevent none other than Chad Pennington from marching over their carcasses to the playoffs.

And if the Jets manage to prevent Chad and the rest of the team put together by Bill Parcells from making the playoffs, they will only open the postseason door for Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

I'm glad the Jets decided to go for it with Favre, but now it looks like he is out of gas. Maybe Favre has reached the age where he doesn't have a full season in him. Unfortunately, quarterbacks can't pull a Roger Clemens and show up in the middle of the year.

On the play that should be the final nail in Eric Mangini's coffin, going for it on fourth and four from his own 20 with under 2:30 to go and the Jets down, 10-3, Favre threw downfield into double coverage yet again.

Had the ball been intercepted, it would have been summed up the Jets' season, and Favre's likely only season with the Jets. And Favre did end up throwing another interception on the final drive.

But the fact that Favre actually hit Coles in double coverage, and that Coles briefly had the ball before it was knocked away, is what sums up being a Jet fan.

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Uncle Mike said...

No, Brett Favre is not the Jets' Pedro Martinez. Unless, while I wasn't looking, during a Packers-Bears game he threw an elderly Bears assistant coach to the ground. Nor has Favre ever purposely injured a rival team's player the way Pedro has.

As that great New Yorker Harvey Keitel put it, "Just because you ARE a character doesn't mean you HAVE character." Pedro IS a character, no question about it; Favre HAS character.

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