Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Squawker media alert

Just wanted to let our readers know that I will be on several radio programs this week to squawk about the winter meetings.

First up, this amiga will be reunited with Larry Milian and Alan Strauss on the Dos Amigos radio show, on Miami's 790 The Ticket. I'll be on around 11:15 p.m. Tuesday night. You can listen online by going to 790theticket.com and clicking on the Listen Live button.

Aside from being very envious that the Dos Amigos are enjoying warm weather while we're freezing to death up in the Northeast, I'll be squawking about the happenings in the winter meetings.

I will also be congratulating Larry on his correct prediction on the Yanks' season - he told me on the air last spring that the Yanks would finish third. And unfortunately for Yankee fans, that prediction turned out to be right.

And on Wednesday night, 10th Inning Journal writer Phil Allard and I will be talking on NY Baseball Digest's Mike Silva's radio show about the winter meetings. The program will be on live from 9-11 p.m, and we should be on around 9:45 or so. You can listen live by going to the BlogTalkRadio site.

In the meantime, I will throw out this radio-related question for readers. It's been a few months now since Mike and the Mad Dog split up, and went on to do separate shows. What do you think of their new programs? Are they better off together, or apart?

My own vote is that I preferred the two together - they evened out the more annoying edges on each other's personality when they were a duo. I have listened to both of their new shows, and they're not half as compelling as they were as a team. In retrospect, though, it was amazing that they stayed together as long as they did.

But what do you think? Leave us a comment!


Roger9 said...

Haven't heard Mad dog. Where can he found to listen to? Mike's show is dead without the Dog to complement him. They made a good duo even if they didn't like being together.

Anonymous said...

The two of them should be sent to opposite ends of the earth by the fastest method possible, and then followed at all times, lest they attempt to reunite. Together they make New York City stupider by merely talking. That is how dangerous they are. I hope I never have to hear another one of either of their antagonistic and stupid rants again. Additionally, they were consistently wrong about things, despite their "sources."

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