Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wonder if Selena Roberts covered these shocking A-Rod food rumors

I was all set to write about last night's good game, when I heard about the stunning news that Alex Rodriguez only tips 15% at Hooters!

Yes, that is one of the shocking revelations in Selena Roberts' "A-Rod" book. I'm hoping she also gets to the bottom of the following food controversies surrounding Alex Rodriguez:

* Did he tell Joe Girardi to ban ice cream in the clubhouse last year, just because he knew it would get Mike Mussina angry?

* Has A-Rod always used a clean plate at the team's buffet line, or did he - shudder - use the same plate twice?

* Is it true that Derek Jeter uses chopsticks better, and that this was the real cause of their feud?

* Any truth to the rumor that he told Joe Torre green tea tastes like dishwater?

* And finally, will we get an answer to this burning question - does A-Rod cut spaghetti with a knife and fork?

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Paul from Boston said...

Great post Lisa! I must say I was outwardly laughing when I read the bit about Hooters - right, that's news!

Someone either really doesn't like ARod at the DN, or is buddy buddy with Selena (or her publisher) and wants to help with some promotion - maybe both. I suppose if it wasn't all based on "may haves" it would be a little more credible as a news story. This one - if it has to be anywhere - can go in the cheesy gossip section.


NAM said...

LOL Lisa. Sounds like the same old re-hashed rumors. Doesn't anyone need proof anymore? I think I saw A-Rod swipe fries from a child's happy meal at McDonald's. Call Selena Roberts. This could be a sequel.

Anonymous said...

If only this was the big "shocking" tidbit in the book, then I could laugh at all this, but the baseball-related allegations are very, very damning. Who knows if they're true, but Selena was right before, so it could get very ugly.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Now you should be the investivgating reporter, These are the questions we want answered.

The Emperor said...

Extra! Extra! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!

A-Rod puts his elbow on the table when he eats out in public instead of using proper etiquette by placing his hand on his lap!

Selena Roberts, are you around to read this???

Jonmouk71 said...

A-Rod is the original one to cut his candy bar with a knife and fork! Stop the presses!

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