Friday, April 24, 2009

Who will get plunked this weekend in Yankees-Red Sox?

I don't have time to do a full-scale list of fearless predictions for the first New York-Boston matchup this year. But I do have a few:

While David Ortiz did his best to inflame the Joba Chamberlain-Kevin Youkilis mutual unadmiration society thing going, and our friends at Surviving Grady think that Youk will beat somebody up, I disagree that there will be fireworks with that matchup. Too high profile. As even Red Sox fans noted in our comments section, Joba - and the Yanks - can't afford to have him miss any games. And Chamberlain wouldn't get any benefit of the doubt, given the history between the two.

But that doesn't mean that there won't be fireworks. I could see something charged happening with the A.J. Burnett-Josh Beckett matchup. Burnett's a tough guy, and Beckett, is well, shall we say, intense. I could see Burnett trying to make his bones by pitching inside to somebody. And Beckett doing his whole "defending the honor of the game" thing.

I also won't be surprised if Mark Teixeira gets plunked by somebody this weekend. I could also see Ortiz - finally - getting plunked after all these years.

And I don't care how poorly David Ortiz is hitting - he will hit at least one homer this weekend.

While I don't miss Manny Ramirez killing the Yankees, I do miss his personality. He was always good for something wacky!

I will predict that Dustin Pedroia will do something to annoy me, as he invariably does!

Final Prediction: Yankees win two of three games.

What do you think will happen this weekend? Leave us a comment!

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Anonymous said...

well we saw our first "plunking" last night. it was jason bay plunking mariano's save over the center field wall.
That had to hurt, what a tough loss for the yankees.
my hearfelt condolences.

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