Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not the Wright stuff

At the beginning of the year, Jerry Manuel said something to the effect that David Wright and Carlos Beltran were interchangeable in the lineup. So why not make the switch and see how it works out?

As reader KM points out, Wright left ten men on base during the series with the Brewers. Wright has only four RBI on the year. And three of those came on his home opener homer. Wright has also now struck out 15 times in 45 at bats.

Beltran has not always hit in the clutch, either. He left six men on base during Friday night's game. But he's having a better year than Wright so far. And Beltran will have more of a chance to run if he is batting third. Beltran has had no steal attempts so far, while Wright has attempted three steals but is only 1 for 3. After all the talk in spring training of building runs, the Mets have not even been able to get their running game going so far this year.

Another suggestion for Manuel: Play your hot hitters. Going into today's game, the two Mets with the highest averages were Luis Castillo (.400) and Ryan Church (.389). Castillo had two hits in each of his last three games. Over his last seven games, Luis was 13 for 25.

So is this the best day to bench Castillo for Fernando Tatis, o for 4 on the year? Or to bench Church for Gary Sheffield, who was hitting .125?

Maybe load up on righties if the pitcher is lefthanded, but that was not the case today.

The Mets did get 12 hits and three walks today, so Manuel can argue that the lineup changes still produced plenty of men on base. And plenty of men left on base - ten today.

Manuel needs to figure out which lineup can build runs when nobody hits a homer. As long as Church and Castillo are producing, such a lineup is not likely to include Sheffield or Tatis.

What should the Mets do to address the problem of leaving too many men on base? Tell us what you think.


Anonymous said...

same mets, different year. i know that they were 2nd behind the phillies in runs scored last year, but when were the runs scored? seems as though the mets have been lacking when there are risp. don't mean to be reactionary, but maybe it is time for HoJo to go? these guys rarely even have a plan when they are hitting, except for castillo, who usually just tries to work out a walk.
too bad mex wouldn't consider a coaching job. i think he would be a great batting coach.

Anonymous said...

Beltran has actually had a few more ABs with RISP than Wright has so I am not sure what good a change would do in that respect. Also, I don't see how hitting 3rd would give Beltran more opportunity to run... if anything hitting in front of Delgado would make on less inclined to risk getting caught stealing. Beltran has had plenty of opportunities to run, he just hasn't taken advantage of them.

They can make the change if they just feel like a "change for the sake of change" and to shake things up a bit...but I don't think it is really going to do anything.

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