Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mike Piazza is not here to talk about the past

Squawker Jon did such a good job recapping last night's Opening Night loss at Citi - or is that Kitty? - Field that his post was featured in Yahoo Sports' Big League Stew. How cool is that?

But there is one thing my writing partner didn't touch on - Mike Piazza's appearance catching Tom Seaver's first pitch, and how the usually chatty Piazza had Mets security surrounding him to prevent any pesky questions from reporters.

According to today's New York Times, while Seaver spent 15 minutes in the press box chatting with the media, Piazza had different plans:
Piazza, meanwhile, was nowhere to be seen. Escorted by security, he went from the field to the stadium tunnel. His plan to avoid the news media was only briefly interrupted, by two questions from a television news reporter about the new stadium.
Hmmm, I wonder why that is. You don't think it had anything to do with the steroid allegations about Piazza in Jeff Pearlman's new book "The Rocket That Fell to Earth," do you?

Mets PR guy Jay Horwitz said Piazza "wasn’t looking for any attention. He said, 'I'm a private person now, I have a family, I'm raising my kids, my wife's having a baby and I want to stay in the background.'"

Yeah, so the best way to stay in the background is to be introduced at the opening of a $800 million stadium as a "soon to be Hall of Fame catcher," and as one of "the greatest players" the Mets ever had. And to catch the first pitch thrown at that stadium. Good grief.

"I'm a private person now" is shades of Mark McGwire's "I'm not here to talk about the past" statement. Then again, at least McGwire said that himself, and didn't leave that ridiculous remark to be made by some PR flack.

Besides, it was less than six weeks ago that Piazza talked up a storm with reporters when he was a coach for Italy in the World Baseball Classic. Now he's Greta Garbo, vanting to be left alone? Gimme a break.

Frankly, given the complete lack of coverage this Piazza PED story has received so far, I'm surprised any reporter was going to ask him anything about it!

If Piazza were some random average retired player, I could see leaving him alone. But as long as his name is going to be talked about as a future Hall of Famer, and as long as he's out there representing Mets history, this is a valid topic of discussion.

McGwire lost his HOF chances because of PED allegations. Why should Piazza get a pass?

Mike needs to answer the PED allegations in Pearlman's book. Otherwise, I never want to hear him talked about as a great player again.

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Anonymous said...

Say it with me now...."My name is Lisa Swan and I have unnatural hatred for Mike Piazza."

Seriously, let it go.

Lisa Swan said...

No, I just want all players talked about as future Hall of Famers to have the same scrutiny regarding steroid usage, whether they be Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire, or Mike Piazza. Mike shouldn't get a pass because he was a Met fan - and media - favorite.

Ryan O said...

.....and because you have an unnatural hatred for Mike Piazza.

Anonymous said...

While I have not read the new book or any of the allegations in it, I think Lisa is missing a point here.

McGwire was vilified because when he was supenoed to testify before Congress, he took the famous "4th and a half" ammendment. Clemens' case is even worse, since he VOLUNTEERED to come before Congress to testify under oath. Rodriguez's name was leaked from the "anonymous" testing results, then confirmed in a very shaky public admission that he had used steroids. Andy Pettitte "confessed" as much as he had to only after being called to give a deposition under oath, though to his credit he at least corroborated McNamee's story at the expense of Clemens rather than perjure himself.

To my knowledge, simply having your name come out in a book is a far different scenario than any of the above cases. I wonder if Lisa would feel the same way if it was her beloved Jeter named in a book the same way Piazza has apparently been?

Subway Squawkers said...

But the reason there were Congressional hearings, the Mitchell Report, etc. on steroids in the first place is due to a book - Jose Canseco's.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, as stated previously, the reason the media hasn't picked up on this is because it is a non-story. It is really getting pathetic to have you bring this up every couple of weeks. If actual evidence surfaces, you reserve the right to say that you told us so. until then, give it a rest. or just rename the blog "subway stalker."

Ryan O said...

hahaha nice km!

Seriously whats with the weekly Piazza attacks?? Did he run over your dog??

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