Sunday, April 5, 2009

My fearless 2009 Yankee predictions

Every single year, I predict that the Yankees will win the World Series. But this year, I have something to back up this prognostication - the return of Challenger the bald eagle to Yankeeland! The Yankees haven't made it to the World Series since the bird became animal non grata in 2003. But now that he's back, I just know the Yanks will win it all.

As Challenger's handler Al Cecere told me in an exclusive interview, he hoped that the bird's return "will be the start of something big for the Yanks this year!" Cecere added, "Challenger will do his part if the Yanks do theirs." I agree! And I'm pumped up for Opening Day today.

Here are ten predictions for the 2009 season:

* The Yankees will win 95 games - and the division, in addition to #27.

* The Red Sox, hobbled by injuries and the decline of David Ortiz, will finish third, behind Tampa Bay.

* The Mets will have a great start, and a great year, until they suffer yet annother September collapse. The third time will not be the charm.

* Contrary to his previous pattern of being a slow starter, Mark Teixeira will get out to a great start this year.

* CC Sabathia will win 20 games and become the clubhouse leader this team has craved since Paul O'Neill and David Cone left the Yankees.

* Alex Rodriguez will be in the new Yankee Stadium - albeit in civilian clothes - for Opening Day. Suzyn Waldman spots him and starts screaming, "Oh my goodness gracious! Of all the dramatic things I've ever seen, Alex Rodriguez standing right in George Steinbrenner's box....!" Fans' boos drown out the rest of Suzyn's squawkings.

* If Cody Ransom gets off to a great start, the media will say "A-Rod Who"? If he stinks, it will still be A-Rod's fault.

* A.J. Burnett won't win 20 games, but he'll have another good milestone - a year without time on the DL.

* But Joba Chamberlain will spend time on the DL, leading to more media talk about how he should be in the bullpen.

* And Derek Jeter's defensive decline at shortstop will continue, leading to talk that he needs to move to a new position.

* * *

Jon and I did more formal predictions in our gig at Heater Magazine (click here to subscribe)

On another note, here's a fan video of Challenger's triumphant return to Yankeeland.


Anonymous said...

Way to go out on a limb, there.

PKEW said...

Why do you waste your time writing this sad little blog? The graffiti on NYC bathroom walls better than this garbage. Give up the blogging and get back to sucking yankee knob that's what you seem to be good at.

Paul from Boston said...

PKEW needs another cup of coffee I think.

I actually somewhat agree with your predictions, Lisa. Both teams have some question marks for health and that will be the determining factor. If Lowell, Ortiz, and Drew all falter then 3rd place is very realistic - although Sox pitching should keep it from being a total embarrassment. Health aside (since we'd all like to think our teams are ready for a full season) - the top three in the AL East all exceed 90 wins and the difference between 1-2 and 2-3 is 2 games max.

Elsewhere I say Cleveland wins a hard fought battle for the AL Central in game 163 and the Angels fend off impressive runs by Texas and Oakland. So if the Yankees do make it, I can always hope for another bug game :)

Best case for me - Sox beat someone other than the Cubs (half my family's from Chicago so they're kind of a second team)

Worst case - Yankees/Dodgers Series.

Well, looking all but certain that my team's home opener is going to be rained out so let's go O's! :)

Cheers from an increasingly cloudy Boston.

Ryan O said...

Jesus fellas, relax. Although it would be hilarious to me if we come to find out that PKEW is a chick.

Anyhoo, your prediction hinges on the play of Burnett, CC and texeira having great years, but how often does someone come to New York and has great numbers in their first year? Not often...especially lately. Weak bullpen also.

But that being said every team has holes and it should be great race in the AL east. Just don't expect me to watch any of those 4 and half hour games...get rid of the DH!

NAM said...

I am very jealous that the Yankees have their opener today. Boston/Rays is postponed until tomorrow. At least baseball is happening somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Madonn! PKEW relax a bit sweetie. It's the high holy day of the sporting calendar. Happy Opening Day Squawkers and Squawker readers!

Anonymous said...

PKEW, you're SO MEAN!!!!!

Uncle Mike said...

Ah, Opening Day, the sun is shining...

Wait a minute...

Somehow, the Yanks and O's got underway in Baltimore. And there was a game in Cincinnati, but all that result does is delay the inevitable.

I actually think the Red Sox are going to have enough to finish second. I really think the '08 Rays will turn into the '07 Rockies or the '06 Tigers -- not a fraud, as I said last year (you may have noticed), but a fluke. In fact, the best parallel may be Billy Martin's '81 A's, when he got so much out of those young arms and then burned them all out.

Anonymous said...

4.1 8 6 6 5 0 0 12.46

No, this is not Ollie Perez's line against the sox saturday. This is what $161 million buys you nowadays!!

Paul from Boston said...

Well anonymous I recognize that line since I watched the game with some friends. Loved every minute of it - especially the dumbfounded look on Damon's face when there was some possible interference on that homer by whichever random O was batting at the time. I won't count on that kind of a line ongoing but it was nice to see CC in his April form. I'm also happy to report that I was able to recover my car key after accidentally throwing it in a dumpster. Right!

Uncle Mike - you may be right about the Rays (I'd actually be very okay if you were) but clearly only a little time will tell. Should be a fun race in the AL East. While the season is warming up there is some good hockey going on...I won't present myself as quite the Bruins fan the way you are a Devils fan. I'm admittedly casual, but it is fun to see them doing well. Good luck to your Devils in the playoffs and, if nothing else, we can agree on politics.

Cheers everybody - BASEBALL IS BACK!!!!!

Nick said...

So Lisa is predicting all of the Red Sox players with questionable health issues to falter, but none of the Yankee players with similar issues to struggle?

What a shocking development that is.

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