Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some positive points from last night's Yankee loss

A few thoughts on the latest in Yankeeland:

Yes, Chien-Ming Wang was a thousand shades of awful in last night's game. But I also took a few hopeful things away from the evening:

* The Yankee bullpen looked pretty strong yesterday. Edwar Ramirez, Jonathan Albaladejo, and Jose Veras held the Orioles to zero hits and three walks over four plus innings.

* The Yankee hitters, led by Derek Jeter's homer, got a good rally going in the ninth. Mark Teixeira got his first hit of the year, and it was an important one - it helped extend the rally. At least the Yanks went down fighting last night.

And geez, it's only two games. The Yankees lost their first two in 1998 as well.

* * *

A.J. Burnett is making his Yankee debut today. Maybe, if he wins, he can also debut complicated handshakes for every player, the way Johan Santana did on Tuesday:

David Lennon of Newsday interviewed Santana about the handshakes:

When told that it looks complicated, Santana disagreed, saying, "When you look at someone, they know exactly what to do."

What is this, the hokey pokey? Is that what it's all about? Sheesh.

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Uncle Mike said...

It's hard to enjoy a victory by your team when an active big-league ballplayer dies. To make matters worse, I'd never even heard of him before. Nick Adenhart looked like he was on his way to a good career, too.

First three games, Yankee hitting? Pretty good. Yankee pitching? Well, I suppose it could've been worse: As Jon pointed out, instead of A.J. Burnett taking the mound today and doing quite well, it could've been Carl "Mickey Mantle's ghost called, he said even I wasn't hurt that often" Pavano.

And, as Lisa pointed out, in 1998 we were 0-3, and 1-4. Granted, this bunch is not the '98 Yanks, but then, that was the greatest team ever. Would've swept the '86 Mets in four straight, and if you doubt this, need I remind you that's Mariano coming in from the pen, not Calvin Schiraldi and Bob Stanley; and that's Tino at first, not Bill Buckner.

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