Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yankee lookalikes - which celebs do CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira, and Nick Swisher resemble?

Let's talk about something fun and silly today - who the new Yankee players look like.

Fellow blogger Steve Lombardi of Was Watching is convinced that Nick Swisher resembles Jack Black. I'm not seeing it, partly because I like Swisher, and think Jack Black makes David Spade look like Marlon Brando when it comes to acting ability. Jack Black makes Paris Hilton look like she has range. The next time Black stretches his range further than smirking and raising his eyebrow will be the first time. So yeah, I'm not digging Swisher as that lookalike.

Nick does look a little like Dante Bichette, as this Dodger fan site noted a few years ago.

It could be worse for Swisher, though, than being compared to the worst actor of our time. How about being compared to the creepiest actor of the 1980s? The Heartbeat of the Bronx blog thinks that Xavier Nady looks like George McFly (Crispin Glover) from "Back to the Future." Yikes!

My brother suggested during the 2007 playoffs that CC Sabathia looks like Forest Whitaker. I agree, down to the very amiable personalities.

As for Mark Teixeira, my friend Michael told me he thought Mark looked like Jared the Subway Guy. I can see that a little, but not totally. Hearing that did amuse me, though.

Which celebs do you think look like Yankees? Leave us a comment!


Lion King said...

Honestly, I think Tex's face looks like a white Barry Bonds. Look at his nose and mouth when he's up at bat, it look's like Barry Bonds. Its freaky.

Rob said...

I think Swisher resembles Gare Sinese.

Rob said...

Gary Sinese

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