Monday, April 6, 2009

Why losing the first game may not be so bad after all

Well, that was kind of a letdown.

True, Opening Day pitcher CC Sabathia was laboring on the mound today, and looked terrible. And Cody Ransom's bad play didn't help matters. Oh, and just when the Yanks seemed to be mounting a comeback, with homers by Jorge Posada and Hideki Matsui,, Phil Coke and Brian Bruney gave the game right back (although at least in Coke's case, fan interference had a little something to do with that homer.)

But I'm thinking back to some great Opening Days with new Yankee starters. Like 2004, when new Yankee Javier Vazquez had a terrific home opener. He held the White Sox to one run and three hits over eight innings. And 2005, when Randy Johnson helped beat David Wells and the Red Sox on Opening Night. Yet neither of those pitchers will ever star in a Yankeeography.

In fact, it seems that the Yanks have had a lot of recent success on Opening Day, and then proceeded to sleepwalk through the rest of April.

So, while C.C., my cat, was spitting mad over today's game (she holds a grudge against Sabathia as it is for not using periods in his name!) I've decided, after being disappointed, to be philosphical about the whole thing. The Yanks have nowhere to go but up after today.

As Nick Swisher put it on his Twitter page just now, "Tough night tonight. It's alright. Let's try and win the next 161."

* * *

Now that Mike Mussina is retired, Orioles fans needed a new Yankee target for booing. And boy, did they find one in Mark Teixeira. I did like how he had a huge smile after getting royally booed during the introductions. I only wish he could have gotten a big hit during one of his at-bats today, if only to shut up the O's fans.

Big League Stew posted a video to a new "Boo Teixeira" song that a few angry Orioles fans came up with. Click here to see it. It's horribly catchy.

Speaking of the introductions, were the Orioles playing the guitar riff from Beck's "Loser" when introducing the Yankee non-starters? Sheesh. I did like the Star Wars Evil Empire music for the Yankee lineup, though.

It was a little strange not seeing Kevin Millar as an Oriole. It seems like every time the Bombers would play Baltimore, Millar would step up and get a big hit against the Yanks. Now he'll be killing the Yanks with the Blue Jays. Oh joy.

And I'm still not used to seeing Edwar Ramirez without glasses.

Nick Swisher got his first hit as a Yankee, and he seemed very exultant about it. I like his style so far. It's good to see a Yankees show some personality!

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She-Fan said...

What is up with the O's fans and Tex? I get that they feel "spurned," but seriously. As I wrote on my blog, they reminded me of Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction."

Anonymous said...

'as I wrote on my blog'... aka transparent self promotion.

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