Thursday, April 23, 2009

Knuckleheaded fan may have cost Yankees three runs

I hope that the Yankee "fan" who interfered with Johnny Damon's attempted catch of Kurt Suzuki's home run ball yesterday was thrown out of the game. True, the umpires didn't rule that it was fan interference, but Yankee fans should know better. Especially given that the guy was a grown man, and not an overeager kid like Jeffrey Maier.

That guy irritated the heck out of me for several reasons:
  • He was interfering with a Yankee trying to do his job
  • He was so pleased at acting like a dope
  • And then, when he realized he may not have done something so good, he threw the home run ball back!
When I talked about Jorge Posada's home run in Sunday's game, I expressed concern about the Stadium's new design, where fans can interfere with the game much more easily:
As for Posada's homer, it seems that the Yankees are asking for trouble with having the fans so close to the outfield wall in this new park. It worked out this time, but what happens when, say, a Red Sox fan interferes with a Yankee trying to catch a ball?
Or when a dopey Yankee fan interferes with a Yankee trying to catch a ball. What a clown.

* * *

That idiot fan is lucky that the Yankees won yesterday, and that after 14 innings, his silly move was an afterthought. But he wasn't the only person in the ballpark to do something wrongheaded:
  • What was up with that play where Derek Jeter threw to home, when Jorge Posada was covering first?
  • Or when Johnny Damon insisted that he got the ball instead of letting Derek Jeter catch it, only for Damon to drop the ball?
  • Why is CC Sabathia laboring so much on the mound?
  • And how could the Yankees claim with a straight face that over 43K people were at the game?

On a more positive note, how about Jose Veras' stellar pitching performance? And Melky Cabrera hitting two homers in the game?

It may have been a sloppy, painful game to watch, but at least the Yankees won. Even if there were about 500 people in the ballpark when it was over!

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Julie said...

What an idiotic play that Jeter made. But, he is Teflon Jeter - he will get a pass. People will come up with excuses and probably blame the whole thing on Posada. Now, if someone else made the same play, especially A-Rod, forget about it - he would be ripped to shreds.

Uncle Mike said...

I'm glad to see Melky wake up. And he hit it off Dan Giese, who I thought the Yankees should keep. Glad to see I was wrong about that.

But something has got to be done. We can't have C.C. giving up 6 runs in 6 innings.

Still, in each of the last three years, the Yankees have gotten off to dreadful starts. We got away with it in 2006. We sorta got away with it in '07. We did not get away with it this year. We kept saying, "Don't worry, don't worry, it's early yet, these are the New York Yankees, they'll come around eventually." In '06 and '07, they did. In '08, they didn't.

Now, they're 9-6, and just one game back of Toronto in the loss column. And there's no way Toronto stays in the lead. They haven't got the pitching, and they never stay healthy.

But the Yankees are going into that little green pinball machine off Kenmore Square. Time to teach the Chowdaheads some manners. Especially with the pitchers we've got: Joba against Lester tomorrow night, A.J. against Super Punk on Saturday (his suspension still being appealed, I suppose, because MLB and Fox don't want to lose the TV audience), and the surprisingly recovered Pettitte against Masterson on Sunday night.

The Yankees better be ready, because I want to smother the Sox season in its crib. I want to put these guys away early, let them know that they ain't goin' nowhere this season, except maybe the Cape or the Vineyard.

Time to announce our freakin' presence with authority.

Anybody notice how the Mets are doin'? Hee hee hee...

Ryan O said...

There should be a rule about people over 12 who bring gloves. The rule will be that they get beaten up and tossed from the stadium.

Anonymous said...

I believe in the American League it is PAID attendance whether you show up or not. I think they do it by turnstile in the National League.

Go Yankees 2009 !!!

logan69 said...

Buckett head is serving 5 games and will be coming off his suspension on Saturday. Big Poopi said Joba better not throw at the Sucks, who the hell is he to tell us how to pitch.
I hope Joba pitches up and in to Poopi and Pukalis.

NAM said...

Buckett head? Poopi? How old are you people?

Anonymous said...

I don't know of a player with more game sense than Jeter, actually he was correct in going home when there is a runner on third-and Posada is suppose to stay at home with a runner on 3rd. Of greater concern is the mis-managing by Girardi so far this season especially with pitching. Anyone watching or listening to the game knew he didn't have it and to let him continue to mount his pitch count and go out in the 7th after already giving the lead back earlier was stupid--this is a guy you want to have strong in Sept. and leaving him in over 100 pitches the last 2 games is dumb. As for a strong start, the only decent team we played so far was Cleveland, this weekend will tell if we are truely going to change from last yr.

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