Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting in an "Empire State of Mind" for Yankee Opening Day

I was trying to get Squawker Jon to do something special for the opening of baseball season. Maybe we could do our own version of "Empire State of Mind," I suggested? With us performing the song?

Jon was skeptical enough, but he gave me the glare to end all glares when I announced that I would play Jay-Z's role in the video, since he is the Yankee fan. Jon would get to rock the piano, a la the Captain in the Captain and Tennille.

Eventually, Squawker Jon agreed to play the piano, and even sing Alicia Keys' part. On one condition - that we would also remake the 1986's "Let's Go Mets" video, with me playing the role of Joe Piscopo. Harsh!

Anyhow, needless to say, we ended up doing neither video, so here's the original "Emipre State of Mind" video to kick off Opening Day.

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Uncle Mike said...

Looks like an Opening Day win is about to be wrapped up. As the late, great Johnny Maestro used to say, "The Angels listened in," but they couldn't beat the "ghosts."

I wonder what people hated most about the '86 Mets: The arrogance, the drugs, or that stupid song? After all that "teamwork," they still needed gifts from the Astros and Red Sox "to make the dream work." Good for you, Lisa, refusing to do that (insert expletive of choice) song.

I do notice that the original Mr. Met costume is on display at Citi Field's new Mets Hall of Fame. Just to show that neither Jose Reyes, nor Mike Piazza, nor Keith Hernandez had the biggest head in Met history.

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