Monday, April 19, 2010

Why can't Yankee broadcasters remember Joe Girardi's name?

I knew that Yankee radio broadcaster Suzyn Waldman had muffed Joe Girardi's name on Opening Night, calling him "Joe Torre." But did you know that she did the same thing last week, and that Yankee TV broadcaster Al Leiter has also made the very same error?

Here are the details, courtesy of SteveB of the Yankees blog:

The first time was on Opening Day, April 4th.  When the Manager of the New York Yankees went out the mound to remove CC Sabathia from the game in the bottom of the 6th inning, Yankees radio announcer Suzyn Waldman said the following- "And here comes Joe Torre to get CC."

The second time was April 13th.  When the Manager of the New York Yankees presented ex-Yankee Hideki Matsui with his 2009 Championship Ring, it was, once again, Yankees radio announcer, Suzyn Waldman, who reported- "And Matsui is giving Joe Torre a hug."

The third time was April 15th.  This time it was YES television broadcaster Al Leiter who referred to the Manager of the New York Yankees during Marcus Thames' 2nd inning double.  Off the bat the hit looked like it would clear the fence and Thames went into his HR trot, only to see the ball bounce off the left-center field wall.  Thames needed to hustle into second base for the double and Leiter mentioned that this (the lack of hustle out of the batter's box) was something Joe Torre didn't like seeing.  He was corrected a minute later by Michael Kay, who seems to have a special insight as to whom the Manager of the New York Yankees might actually be.
So the blogger came up with a poll, for readers to vote on who is the Manager of the New York Yankees. Here are the voting possibilities:

Joe Girardi
Joe Torre
Joe McCarthy
Joe DiMaggio
Joe Pesci
Joe Biden
G.I. Joe
Joe Blow
Cup o' Joe

Funny stuff!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Matt on Earth said...

I think most Yankee fans have had a simple realization. Susan Waldman and John Sterling are both pretty rediculous. Waldman has at least one absurd statement a game and Sterling is so utterly over the top it can make your head spin. There powers combined...well you get the idea.

MONDOAS said...

What about "Joeba"?

Uncle Mike said...

If the Yankees win, the broadcasters can say whatever they want.

With one exception: I don't want John Sterling to say, "It is high! It is far!" unless it is obvious that it will be gone. Sterling blew it 3 times in Sunday's game.

Red Barber used to say that he watched the outfielder, to see if the outfielder thought he could catch the ball, and usually got it right; whereas Mel Allen watched the ball, and as a result, his "Going, going, gone!" sometimes turned into "Going, going, caught at the wall" or "Going, going, off the wall" or "Going, going, foul ball!" Sterling does the same thing.

At least Phil Rizzuto could laugh at it: "Oh, that's gone! No it's not, why don't I just shut up!" Or, worse yet, "Awright, stay fair! No, it won't stay fair. Good thing it didn't stay fair, or I think he woulda caught it."

Riddering said...

I'm not a big Kay fan but the way he called Leiter out on the Torre mental slip was pretty great. "Why would the manager of the Dodgers care?" or something like that. I'm glad he ribbed him rather than just let it pass.

JeanneB said...

I have been ranting about Sterling and Waldman for ages. They drive me absolutely NUTZ. They complain about umpires who make the game about themselves?! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Sterling, I don't think, even cares that there is a baseball game taking place on the field. It could be women's field hockey and he'd still have the same ridiculous crap to say. The silly homerun calls are no longer cute. They are annoying. All I want to know is what is happening on the field. You NEVER know with these two. I have been known to call people to find out if the play by play that these knuckleheads are doing is even remotely similar to what is happening on the field. It usually isn't.

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