Thursday, April 29, 2010

What did I say about that Sports Illustrated cover jinx?

When I saw that Jorge Posada got hit in the knee during last night's game, my first negative thought wasn't about the Orioles. It wasn't even about why Jeremy Guthrie lost control - again - when it came to a Yankee batter. It was about Tom Verducci and Sports Illustrated putting Jorge Posada on the cover this week!

This is why I never want the Yankees to be on the cover of SI during the season. Nothing good can come of it!

Did you notice how Ken Singleton called the plunking? He said, "Look out," like he always does, and then went, "Hor-HEY", with the emphasis on the second syllable. Here's the clip.

According to, Jesus might be coming to the Bronx because of this. Jesus Montereo, that is. He, along with Chad Moeller, is one of the AAA catching prospects who might come up to the big leagues if Posada has to miss a bunch of time because of this knee injury.

On another note, One thing I did notice in a bonus excerpt from the interview that had me nodding my head in agreement. Posada made the same point a few of us fans have made about the length of the Yankees-Red Sox games:

Posada: They're talking about speeding up the game, speeding up the game. Listen, they talk about the Boston-Yankees series? Friday we're on TBS, Saturday we're on Fox and Sunday we're on ESPN. It's 2:30, 2:25 and three minutes between innings. And that tells you why the game is taking forever.

At any rate, I hope Jorge is A-OK today.

I heard John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman say last night that the attendance was only 17,000 or so. 17K for Orioles-Yankees? How things have changed! I asked an Oriole fan friend what the deal was with this. He responded:

Bandwagon Yankee fans don't go out in the cold. Orioles fans rarely go at all.


What do you think? Tell us about it!

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JMPRow83 said...

Chad Moeller isn't a prospect! He's a 35 yr old journeyman back-up catcher. Learn baseball before you blog!

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