Monday, April 5, 2010

Joel Sherman's Opening Day tradition of over-the-top columns continues

New York Post columnist Joel Sherman can be great with breaking news and analysis. But all too often, he seems to lack perspective on how little one regular season game means, even if it's a high-profile season opener.

Last year, he suggested that, after lousy Opening Day performances, Mark Teixeira and CC Sabathia were "money for nothing," and wrote, "no one wants to make a bad first impression as a Yankee because the hole is always a little deeper, so deep that many never truly escape." Yeah, because Teix and CC never came close to escaping from the hole they dug for themselves into from those crummy Opening Day outings, right?

Sherman is at it again today with "Curtis fails to get the big hit in first test", his column about last night's Yankees-Red Sox game, where he's in full hand-wringing mode about how Granderson made the last out against Jonathan Papelbon. Good grief.

"Curtis Granderson opened brilliantly and had a chance to close even more spectacularly," Sherman begins his column. He continues, saying:
"He was the tying run. He was the last shot for the Yanks to avoid a discouraging opening loss to their most bitter foe. But Granderson could not furnish a memorable final blow. He could not open with a close. Instead, he grounded out to third, the last out in a 9-7 Boston."
More from Sherman:
Granderson exposed the issues that he will have to contend with all year, vs. lefties and vs. the ghosts of Damon and Matsui. His final four at-bats all came with runners on base, and Granderson -- as opposed to Damon and Matsui -- does not have a clutch rep for his career. He went 0-for-3 with a walk....
Who knows what Damon or Matsui might have done? But the specter will linger for the Yankees' center fielder. He will try to get used to a new team while contending with old ghosts.
Heck, the Boston papers have a more calm perspective on last's game than Sherman's New York Post column. The Boston Globe wrote, "Just remember, the Yankees lost their first eight games to the Red Sox last season and wound up 9-9 against them and won the World Series. And the Boston Herald said, "If the Yankees had any concerns about how Granderson would respond to his introduction to the rivalry, he answered them in his first at-bat when he crushed a Josh Beckett offering over the Sox bullpen."

Look, I wasn't happy with the Yankees losing last night - I never am, especially when it's against the Red Sox. I'm also peeved that:
  1. The YES Network didn't show Pedro Martinez's first pitch live - what, would it have cut into the time designated for introducing the teams' massage therapists?
  2. Neil Diamond was at Fenway in person to sing his creepy song, "Sweet Caroline," 
  3. John Sterling apparently came up with one of the goofiest home run calls he's ever done, with his "Something Sort of Grandish" reference for Granderson. Sportswriter Pete Caldera reported on Twitter that this was a song from "Finian's Rainbow." Huh?
  4. Squawker Jon totally called the Dustin Pedroia homer, imploring him to hit one. I was not very happy with that!
But Granderson wouldn't even begin to make my goat list for last night, which consists of Joe Girardi leaving in CC way too long, the Yankee bullpen being unable to get the job done, and Jorge Posada, who hit spectacularly, but was dismal behind the plate.

However, at any rate, it still is only one game. Somehow, the Yankees managed to win the World Series last year despite having both a dismal Opening Day, and an awful home opener. Imagine that!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


"Nutball Gazette" said...

Sherman is Right, Look what the Yankees could have done if they had gotten rid of those Bums that helped lose the 1997 Divisional Series against the Indians. First that guy Ramiro Mendoza lost Game 4 in the bottom of the 9th That Bum who really killed the Yankees for 15 years blew the save in game 4 his name was Mariano Rivera, and then Andy Pettitte lost games 2 and 5. Just imagine what the Yankees could have done if we had Clutch Players like the Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians have had, but nooooo, we have to be such long suffering Yankee fans, I sure wish Joel Sherman was running the Yankees.

Riddering said...

I had to shut the TV off for a few minutes once they brought out Neil Diamond to sing the only song that creeps me out more than "Every Breath You Take". /shudders

Isn't it great how the NY Media hasn't missed a beat? Clearly the Yanks are going nowhere with Granderson and Chan Ho Park on the roster. Oh, and don't even get me started on the travesty that is ESPN NY. I might just have to block that site so no tiny urls can trick me into going there again.

JeanneB said...

Top off with Suzyn Waldman announcing Joe Torre going to the mound for the pitching change. Classic inattentive, lost in the past, irrelvant broadcasting from the Yankee booth. Pitiful.
Just once, that's all I'm asking, just ONCE to have Yankee broadcasters watch the same game I'm trying to listen to.

Uncle Mike said...

Joel Sherman writes for the Post, so what do you expect?

Let me explain something about Neil Diamond: He has about a dozen songs that have more of an "oy vey" factor than "Sweet Caroline." What's really creepy about the song is that these stupid Red Sox fans don't realize they're singing along with a New Yorker -- or they do, but they don't care. Chowdaheads.

I don't blame Granderson for the loss. I do blame Sterling for coming up with a tagline nearly as lame as "Swishalicious" and "You can bet on Betemit." He could've said, "That's grander, son!" and it wouldn't have been as lame.

But you can't leave 15 men on base, especially in that little green tub off Kenmore Square. If Yogi wasn't in there when he came up with "It ain't over 'til it's over," then it certainly would've been believable if he had.

I hope A.J. plunks Youkilis in his wiggly fat keister tomorrow. Did I ever mention I hate the Red Sox? They must've started using steroids again.

At least Pedro's first pitch didn't hit any Yankees. He probably gave up on trying that when he realized Don Zimmer wasn't there.

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