Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ike Davis - he can even field!

In Ike Davis' first game, his hitting outshone his fielding, and that's fine for an offense-starved team. But it's great to know in the long run that Davis, unlike all too many of Omar Minaya's acquisition, is a good fielder.

The Mets should be well aware of the value of having a first baseman that knows how to field his position, what with Keith Hernandez in the booth and Mark Teixeira across town. Instead, Omar Minaya signed Mike Jacobs, who could not hit or field. Jacobs platooned with Fernando Tatis, who is no Gold Glove. When Frank Catalanotto filled in at first Sunday night, the announcers hastened to remind us that first base was not his primary condition. Alex Cora, who had hardly every played first, ended up there briefly during Saturday night's marathon, even making a great play.

All of these players were filling in for starting first baseman Daniel Murphy, who isn't really a first baseman and is still learning the position. Murphy looked good at times last year, but it didn't hurt that expectations were so low after his outfield butchery.

Even if Davis slumps at the plate, if he can bring some defense to the Mets, that should be enough to keep him in the lineup when Daniel Murphy is ready to return.

Don't tell Jerry Manuel, but Davis can even pitch. He was a two-way player at Arizona State and hit 94 on the radar gun.


Uncle Mike said...

So here's my question: How long before Ike Davis gets hurt, comes back too soon, underachieves, and gets traded by the Mets for some over-the-hill, overweight guy who strikes out too much and can't field, and then goes on to become the star they all expect him to be?

Or maybe he won't turn into, say, Jeff Kent. Maybe he'll turn into Gregg Jeffries and not be worth the hype.

I sure would love to see the look on Met fans' faces in 2018 when Ike Davis is celebrating winning the World Series... with his Yankee teammates. Why not, it worked for Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, David Cone and Wade Boggs! (And some other Red Sox star, I think he was a pitcher... )

Jon Lewin said...

Uncle Mike - Maybe Ike Davis will be the next David Wright - a star. Maybe he'll be the next Lastings Milledge - an overhyped bust so far. Maybe he'll be the next Joba Chamberlain - hyped to the sky but mismanaged by his team.

Riddering said...

I for one am glad the Mets have something to be excited about. I hope Davis has a good season. No need for him to light the world on fire--it'll be fine if he adjusts to playing in the big leagues defensively and produces at an above average clip.

A lot of people are dogging the Mets coverage of Davis but I can't find it in me to criticize. The team and the fans should enjoy every good day that comes along. It was fun seeing Francoeur pie Davis after the game. (Of course, how can I not be positive about a rookie who looks like a young Bruce Springsteen?)

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