Monday, April 12, 2010

So far, so good: Yankees season a welcome change

This is the first April in eons where the Yankees have actually gotten off to a semi-decent start, winning two series in a row, and against division rivals, yet. The last one I can remember the Yankees not tanking in April was all the way back in 2003! Of course, it's only six games so far this season, but it's nice to not have all the usual gloom and doom that we hear this time of year.

And the fact that the Mets are being, well, Metlike for the first week of the season makes it even more sweet. Because you know Squawker Jon would give me the business if the Yankees were in their usual April doldrums!

Anyhow, I was holding my breath Saturday about a potential CC Sabathia no-hitter. Squawker Jon and I were yakking on the phone about it - he called me in an attempt to jinx CC - and he thought Sabathia had a good chance at it after getting Evan Longoria out. I disagreed, saying that it was always the no-name in the lineup who breaks up these things. Like Carl Everett. Or, as it turned out, Kelly Shoppach.

Although, if Sabathia had not given up a hit, it would have been interesting to see if Joe Girardi had really kept up his plan of not letting him throw any pitches. Personally, I think CC would have thrown him to the ground if he had tried to take him out. And if Sabathia hadn't, Francicso Cervelli might have! (Speaking of which, how much is his star rising? First game he catches this year, and it's nearly a no-hitter? Outstanding!)

Oh, and our long national nightmare is over. Mark Teixeira finally got a hit! I loved how he was all deadpan with reporters, telling them:
"During your career, you always aim for milestones. I wanted to make sure I went 0-for-17, a personal best. And then after that, I wanted to make sure I had a couple of hits." 
Ha! I was on the Larry Milian Show Saturday, on Fort Lauderdale radio station WFTL, and when Larry asked me about Tex, I was all deadpan, too, saying that he needed to retire, as it was clear he would never, ever, get a hit again!

A few other things about this weekend:

* Javier Vazquez didn't exactly shut Yankee naysayers up, with his lousy pitching Friday after the first time around the lineup. Fortunately, I was out for the evening, so I missed seeing the carnage live!

* And is there really going to be peace in the valley between A.J. Burnett and Jorge Posada? Two decent starts in a row, and they haven't killed each other yet. Progress!

What do you think? Tell us about it!

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