Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh, great! Yankees lose four of five, while Mets are riding high

This Swan is in a foul (or is that fowl?) mood this morning. I missed most of the Yankee game, came home in time to see them start a two-run rally against the Orioles, only to see A-Rod swing on the very first pitch (what's up with that?) to end the rally, and the game. And the way Michael Kay shrieked at the end was weird. Dude, the Yankees lost! Don't act so excited.

Now the Yankees have lost four of five, which is bad enough. But what's even worse is that it's coming at the same time the Mets have won six games in a row. And to top it all off, the Mets are now in first place! So that means I'm going to have to hear all the crowing from Squawker Jon and other Mets fans.

I did have to laugh at seeing how Joe Torre hasn't changed in the Dodgers' dugout - he's still snoozing, when he isn't overworking pitchers' arms, that is. Jon told me that the Mets announcers were mocking him over using Ramon Troncoso so much. Come to think of it, it looks like the Mets got two gift wins yesterday from St. Joe. From the Los Angeles Times:
The Mets scored three runs in the fifth inning and four more in the sixth, pounding the Dodgers middle relievers Ramon Troncoso, Jon Link and George Sherrill. All three of those pitchers were also used in the first game of the doubleheader.

For Troncoso, the appearance was his 14th, the most ever by a Dodger pitcher in the first 20 games of the season.

For a while now, I've been pulling my punches against the Mets, because they were too pathetic to really mock. But now that they're winning again, the gloves are off. Watch out, Squawker Jon!

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Uncle Mike said...

Met fans are crowing? Don't they know that they always end up eating crow? And humble pie?

It's been 24 years since Met fans had the right to crow. They can crow all they want, but since October 26, 2000, they have had nothing to say.

They can't even brag about Ike Davis, because they have to acknowledge that his father is a Yankee, Ron Davis, who has something no Met reliever has had since Jesse Orosco threw his glove in the air: A World Series ring.

Let them crow. It will all, uh, ring hollow in the end.

MONDOAS said...

Poor poor poor Ramon Proctor! Torre about to ruin someone's career again! The Muts were very irrelevant for a long time so, now that they are winning, expect a lot of yippees from Mut fans but it won't last.

Michael said...

Uncle Mike, it looks like Ron Davis does NOT have a World Series ring either. The only World Series he went to was the one in 1981. And the Dodgers won it all that year.

Uncle Mike said...

Well, we can stop panicking. The Yankees remembered they're playing the 2010 Orioles, not the 1966, the 1983, or even the 1997 version. CC pitched, Cano homered, Yanks won, and only 17,000 showed up. Wonder how many of them were rooting for the O's?

Ron Davis made 4 appearances for the 1978 Yankees, and was not sharp. Can't really say that he deserved one... but he did appear in a World Series, and that's something his son will never do as long as he plays his home games in Flushing.

Lisa Swan said...

MONDOAS, I'm really digging your posts. Thanks for finding us!

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