Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Would the Yankees have won 2009 with Joe Torre as manager?

Just saw that Joe Torre was just on Mike Francesa's radio show today. I love how the media acts as if the Yankees are being just stubborn in having moved on from the Torre era. As if Torre's tell-all book "The Yankee Years" didn't play a huge part in why Torre is not celebrated in the new stadium.

Put it this way, if Joe hadn't written that book, I could see the Yankees retiring his number in the near future, whenever he retired from baseball.  But after the way he trashed The Boss when he was unable to defend himself, Brian Cashman even though Cash stuck up for him for years, and violated the clubhouse code in telling confidential discussions with his players, the chances that Torre will have such a Yankee tribute any time soon - or ever - are pretty slim. Hope Joe enjoyed all that money he made in biting the hand that fed him for 12 years.

Anyhow, I wrote a piece for The Faster Times in response to something I saw in the media this morning, about how if Torre had stayed as manager with the Yankees, they not only would have won in 2009, but in 2008 as well. Guess Torre would have been able to magically heal the sick and injured as well.

Not only do I not think that Torre would have won in 2008, I think the 2009 Yankees won because of, not despite, Joe Girardi. Read my take on why that is, and tell me what you think.


Uncle Mike said...

I also think the Yankees would not have won in 2009 with Joe Torre as manager -- unless, of course, Torre had let Mr. Jinx go. Number 23, that is.

Lisa, I can't stand with you on this one. How can you stand up for George Steinbrenner over Joe Torre? In case you didn't notice from 1979 to 1995, not "just anyone" could have won with George's money. And as George found out against Torre, Billy Martin, Reggie Jackson, Yogi Berra, and, yes, Don Mattingly, he isn't going to win any popularity contests.

It's not Billy, Joe, Gabe Paul, Al Rosen, Gene Michael and Brian Cashman who should be thanking George. It is he who should be thanking them. Without them, he would be a man without a World Series ring, regardless of how much money he would have had.

And, of course, Joe Torre didn't lead to the demolition of Yankee Stadium. If, as we suspect, God really is a Yankee Fan, then, no matter how nice the new Stadium is, George will be getting an earful for that someday.

MONDOAS said...

I have said this before and I believe it, there is no way this team would have done what it did last year with "Bigelow Tea" Torre! The Yankees were boring and they didn't have any life with him. Yes, there was a time when he was good as a manager but things changed and it was the same old same old with him. IT WAS SO TIME FOR A CHANGE! How much money was he making and not winning a World Series ring? It's not about what you have done in the past but what have you done for me lately. He was insulted by them asking him to take a pay cut. Why?? He hadn't won anything in a long time (Yankee years) but he sure was collecting those big checks.
Girardi brought in a freshness that was needed. It took some time but he helped make this team so fun to watch and a team that gave you the chills when you watched them.

JeanneB said...

I'm with you on this one, Lisa. I'll never forget the year Torre, decided to wake up long enough from his naps in the dugout to replace his team who got him to the playoffs with the retreads returning from the DL. Sheffield at 1st? In a playoff game? The whole thing was ludicrous. It was over before it started b/c of Torre sticking with what and who he knew and favored.
In my opinion, Torre left a year too late.

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