Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dog days at Citi Field, but what about the cats?

I had the Met game on in the background this afternoon, because I wanted my day to go to the dogs.. Today is the first Bark in the Park day at Citi Field, where dogs are welcome. Squawker Jon and I read in the paper last night that all the dog tix were sold out. I figured there would be some doggie scalper out there barking to his brethren about having extra tickets!

They had a pre-game dog parade before the game, but according to, "dogs will not be allowed on the field for the postgame Mr. Met Dash." Bummer.

But what about the cats? A feline christened Kiti - I mean Citi - Field - on Opening Night last year. When are the cats of the world going to get their moment in the sun - and in the ballpark? Unfair, I say!

* * *
As for Friday night's game at Citi Field, Squawker Jon revealed some scandalous news- that I actually wore the Mets ski cap. First of all, I wore the cap with the Geico logo up front, and the Mets logo in the back, kind of tucked in.. Then I decided to put the cap inside out, so there was no chance that the Met logo would be shown.

Anyhow, I cheered for Melky Cabrera and Eric Hinske. Sadly, Melky got booed a lot, with one guy near us calling him "Yankee trash." I think he was just jealous of Melky's new ring.
And yes, I did applaud Luis Castillo. And Ike Davis. As Riddering, one of our readers, notes, he looks like a young Bruce Springsteen. But not Chipper Jones. I do have some standards, after all!

We were trying to figure who is the all-time Met villain. I say Chipper. Heck, some Braves fan wearing his jersey got the "Larry" chants on the way to the subway. We also tossed around the names Roger Clemens and Pat Burrell. But I'm going to have Metstradamus, the creator of the Hall of Hate, who his pick is.

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Metstradamus said...

Depends on what your criteria is. For pure production, it's probably Burrell. For pure evil, it's probably Clemens. Larry is mostly production for a longer period of time with a slice of evil from his early days.

In a close vote, I'd say Clemens. Larry at least has matured in his older years. Can't say the same for Roger.

Uncle Mike said...

The all-time Met villain has to be Luis Sojo, the man who ensured that the Mets would never, ever, EVER beat the Yankees in a World Series.

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