Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chin up, Mets fans! You have a lot to be excited about!

Squawker Jon, I'm sorry to see you so blue. You're bummed that your Mets are nowheresville. And to add insult to injury, you're stuck seeing the Phillies and the Yankees in the playoffs.

So, since I feel your pain, I want to remind you of a few things you have to be thankful for:

* Johan Santana may not have sniffed the playoffs in the two years since he became a Met, but former Met prospect Carlos Gomez, who was part of the deal, scored the game-winning run in yesterday's epic Twins-Tigers game. And here, people say that the Mets' farm system is a mess. They're wrong. Gomez knew how to touch third base and everything yesterday!

* Jerry Manuel is coming back! And so is Razor Shines! Whoo-hoo!

* Your team is finally honoring its history with memorabilia. Last week they gave Mariano Rivera the pitching rubber that he got his 500th save from, with a touching note attached from Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya.  Not only was that game against the Mets, but that's also the same rubber that Francisco Rodriguez used to walk in Mariano with the bases loaded. See, your team is noticing important milestones in its history!

Any other reasons that Met fans should be thankful? Tell us about them!


NAM said...

Flag thrown - unsportsman like conduct!

Ryan O said...


Lisa Swan said...

I just wanted to give my blogging partner a little grief. NAM, Squawker Jon was all pleased that you threw a flag on me!

Uncle Mike said...

Tweet! Offside! Mixing of sports metaphors! There is an additional foul on the play: Pathos. If the Mets hadn't been so pathetic, Lisa's "foul" would not have happened. There is an additional foul on the play: Illegal use of the grammar. "Unsportsmanlike" is one word, not two. Penalties offset. And that is another Squawker... FIRST DOWN!

Lisa's right: Yanks in 4, and I think the one Minnesota win is going to be Game 3 with Andy Pettitte pitching. I don't have a good feeling about him, but he does have this weird habit of following a good postseason performance with a bad one, and then following a bad one with a good one. Better to get the bad one out of the way against the Twins and then have a good one against the Red Sox/Angels winner.

NAM said...

Uncle Mike,

Since Lisa has included football in her recent blogs, I think it's okay to cross metaphors.

Oh, if my poor spelling and grammar offend you, great.

Have a nice day.

Subway Squawkers said...

C'mon, Uncle Mike. Leave the vitriol for fighting trolls. And NAM is far from a troll - she is one of our most loyal readers, even if she is a Sox fan!

NAM said...

Thanks Lisa. Mike is mad because I can make my point in five words (excuse me Mike, 4 words) and it takes him 8 paragraphs, footnotes, an index and a bibliography.

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