Friday, October 30, 2009

Who's your daddy? Pedro's daddy has a new home!

Glad the Yankees won. I did not expect an easy game against Pedro Martinez - I figured the Yanks would have to beat the Phillies' bullpen in order to win - and he really was great for six innings. But A.J. Burnett was better, and Pedro stayed in a little too long.

Before the game, I wrote something on Pedro's wacky presser the other day. I think he's a real character. The funniest thing about his press conference was that he went into this whole tangent about the Zimmer fight at Yankee Stadium, even though it was at Fenway Park!

I'll have more to say on the game tomorrow. But wanted to mention the Jay-Z/Alicia Keys song. As I noted the other day, the Yankees and Phillies are both big fans. I told Squawker Jon that if he wanted to be a true Yankee fan this week, he'd have to learn to freestyle rap!

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Uncle Mike said...

I can suggest a few new homes for Pedro. Rikers Island. Bellevue. Sing Sing. I guess I'll have to settle for the shower, because that's where we sent him!

Did Charlie Manuel not review the life and career of Grady Little? He left the Punk in at least 2 batters too long. I've said it before, and I'll say it again (ISIBAISIA): Through his 100th pitch, he throws like Sandy Koufax; after his 100th pitch, he throws like Sandy Duncan. And Sandy Duncan is a much better dancer.

Not that it cost the Phils the game, but it did take the score from 2-1 to 3-1, still within "a bloop and a blast" as John Sterling would say, but there's a huge difference in the mind of a player or a manager between a 1-run and a 2-run lead.

0-for-8, 6 Ks... Uh-oh, is the real October A-Rod now standing up? So far, it's only hurt us a little. And if he goes hitless and we still somehow win this Series, I won't care what he didn't do. But this is a big worry. We had a huge hole in the lineup in Game 1, and Teixeira, Matuis and Cano closed their quarters of that hole in Game 2. One quarter remains: A-Rod's.

This time, I do NOT want to have to tell the A-Rod defenders, Lisa included, "I told you so." I'd much rather tell them they were right and win this thing.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Mike: Say what you will but you would not be talking about Pedro, and/or the Phillies playing the Yankees without Alex's contributions at the bat and in the field in the ALDS and ALCS. Johnny Damon hasn't done much except kill potential rallies and Texieria just got his second home run of the playoffs last night. Has anybody seen Robbie (doncha know Cano) at the plate? And I hope tht that Swisher remains a spectator for the rest of the Series.There is still time for Alex to pick it up again. I'm sure that getting away from the stadium for a few days and playing in that bandbox called Citizens park will do the trick. If not then by by Kate Hudson, time for a new good luck charm.

Lisa Swan said...

Is A-Rod's series so far a bit of a concern? Yes. But Mike, at least you're being rational about it.

Here were some of the many crazy comments I saw on Twitter last night:

* "A-Rod = Awful ! He never comes thru whenit counts , at least he's consistent !"

* "Man. The Yankees need to bench A-Rod. He's blowing it."

Beam me up, Scotty. There's no sign of intelligent life in this part of Yankee Universe!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately too many Yankee fans have short memories even if it was only last week. We wouldn't even be in the World Series if it wasn't for all the CLUTCH hits Alex had in the previous two series. Maybe it's time for others to be stepping up now. That being said ...I'm feeling good about Alex and the rest of the series. He's going to turn it up in Philly.

What a game by AJ last night. All day I felt he was going to have a terrific game...and ...he DID !!! I have to give Pedro his due. He also pitched a really good game...similar to Lee/ was JUST that much better than the other..all four pitchers showing lots of heart in the first two games. Of course we have the pitcher with the biggest heart of all ...MO !!! He gave me a few palpitations in the 8th but I knew he would get it done.

Loved Jay-Z and Alicia Keys sounded amazing on the TV. John Legend did a nice job too with the anthem..sung it straight and it sounded beautiful. I hear the cast of Glee is performing in Philly (love the show by the way) but only New York gives an A-list performance like Jay-Z and Ms. Alicia followed by a Legend.
Yankee Stadium is filled with legends ..nice to add another to the list ... :o).

I'll be at the Stadium on Sunday with a huge group of friends from my Yankee Meetup Group. Next best thing to being there is watching on that huge screen surrounded by Yankee fans. Hopefully by Sunday we are 2 games up.


Go Yankees 2009 !!!

NAM said...


Have a great time at Sunday's game. You are so LUCKY to have your team playing in Oct...I mean November. No wonder those west coast teams didn't make it! To cold.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


Bklynfan said...

Peggy - I agree with you about Alex. I too believe he is going to come through. In my eyes, even if he doesn't, that's fine. He has done his job - I think it's fair to say that he got the team to the WS. Unfortunatey the media and the haters will only see the bad performance and not all the clutch hits he got to get them here.

I have faith in A-Rod and the Yanks. This is their year!

Jonmouk71 said...

Darryl Strawberry was 0 for 6 in the first two games of the 1986 World Series (and 1 for 10 after three games). The Splendid (with head) Splinter, Ted Williams hit .200 in the 1946 World Series. A-Rod is going to be fine. BTW - I figured out the Jeter bunt play - he obviously watched a Yankeeography on Mickey Mantle where it said that the Mick was "the best two-strike bunter in baseball". And Derek (like the kid in A Chorus Line) thought, "I can do that".

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